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Division on Cryospheric Sciences (CR)

President: Jürg Schweizer,
Deputy President: Olaf Eisen,

The Cryosphere are those parts of the Earth and other planetary bodies that are subject to prolonged periods of temperatures below the freezing point of water. These include glaciers, frozen ground, sea ice, snow and ice. One of the main aims of the EGU Division on Cryospheric Sciences is to facilitate the exchange of information within the science community. It does so by organizing series of sessions at the annual EGU assembly, and through the publishing of the open-access journal `The Cryosphere’. The division awards the Louis Agassiz medal for outstanding contributions to the science of the cryosphere.

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Last month, EGU members voted for the positions of EGU treasurer and division presidents. You can find out the results of the EGU elections on our website. This month, we are once again advertising a job opportunity at the EGU Executive Office. If you'd like to help us bridge the gap between science and policymaking, consider applying for our vacancy.

In other news, the EGU and the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) have announced they will organise a joint conference on natural hazards. More details about the meeting, which will take place in the Philippines in February 2018, will be available next year on the EGU website.

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