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Division on Tectonics and Structural Geology (TS)

President: Susanne Buiter,
Deputy President: Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth,

The Division on Tectonics and Structural Geology (TS) investigates rock deformation at all scales with the aim to decipher its complex relationships with earth dynamics. We use natural observations, including mapping, remote sensing and seismics, and experimental methods. The division is highly interdisciplinary, with strong ties with other EGU divisions including GD, EMRP, SM, SSP, GM, G, and GMPV.

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02. November 2016

Claudio Rosenberg new TS president

We're very happy to welcome Claudio Rosenberg as our new TS Division president. He was elected with 55.1% of the online votes. Congratulations to Claudio.
Claudio will officially take over from Susanne Buiter during the EGU General Assembly, which takes place in April 2017.

More information about the elections can be found here.

10. November 2016

Cees Passchier receives the 2017 Stephan Mueller Medal
João Duarte receives the 2017 Arne Richter Award

In 2017, the most prestigious medal of our TS division, the Stephan Mueller Medal, will be awarded to Cees Passchier from the University of Mainz. João Duarte from the University of Lisbon will receive the Arne Richter Award. That means that João was the TS Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Awardee and was then selected as one of four Arne Richter Awardees on the EGU level.

We congratulate both awardees. They will receive their awards at the 2017 EGU General Assembly, which takes place on April 23-28 in Vienna. More information about all 2017 EGU awardees can be found here.

01. November 2016

Election of TS division president

Our division president, Susanne Buiter, is stepping down after four years of very active service to our community. We thank Susanne for her work and effort that she put into her presidency. It has really been a very productive time with her at the top of the TS division.

Now it's time to elect a new TS division president. There are two official candidates running for that job. Every EGU member can participate in the elections and you should have received a personal e-mail with all necessary information. Maybe, this is also a reason to become an EGU member? More information about the election can be found here.

20. October 2016

Call-for-abstracts now open

The call-for-abstracts for the EGU 2017 General Assembly is now open! To submit an abstract, browse through the proposed sessions and simply click the submit-link in the session where your abstract fits best.

The EGU 2017 General Assembly will be held in Vienna from 23-28 April 2017 and abstracts can be submitted until 11 January 2017. Also note that for support applications, abstracts have to be submitted already by 1 December 2016.

11. July 2016

TS blog is now online

We are very happy to announce that from now on, we also have our own EGU blog! With this blog we would like to provide a platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas within the global tectonics and structural geology community. Check it out!

The blog is maintained by Eleonora van Rijsingen en Mehmet Kokün, and they take guest editors on board too! So if you have an idea, share it with Mehmet and Eleonora. Enjoy!

Click here for the news archive.

Current issue of the EGU newsletter

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Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract to the EGU 2017 General Assembly! With over 17,500 abstracts received, and an improved set up to accommodate the high number of expected participants, the conference promises to be the largest and most exciting to date. We look forward to welcoming everyone in Vienna on 23-28 April!

We would also like to draw your attention to a couple of deadlines we have coming up. The first regards a job opportunity at the EGU Executive Office: if you'd like to help us bridge the gap between science and policymaking, consider applying for our vacancy by 5 February. Until 15 February you can also apply to receive one of EGU's Public Engagement Grants to develop a project that aims to raise awareness of geosciences outside the scientific community. For the chance to win a free registration to next year's General Assembly, consider applying to the Communicate Your Science Video Competition (by 26 February, for early career scientists) or to the EGU Photo Competition (by 1 March).

Last but not the least, if you'd like to organise an EGU Galileo Conference, a meeting addressing a well-focused, cutting-edge topic at the frontier of geosciences research, make sure to apply for funding by 28 February. For those interested in helping further the EGU education programme, apply to be part of the EGU Committee on Education.

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