Participants at a GIFT workshop (Credit: Jane Robb/EGU)

Education Higher education teaching of geoscience

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Higher education teaching of geoscience

EGU’s Committee on Education aims to provide support for higher education (HE). We are considering providing workshops, conference sessions, resources, and networking opportunities for all those teaching geoscience in HE, including PhD students, postgraduates, research fellows, and permanent academic or teaching support staff.

This questionnaire (hosted on Google Docs) will provide us with essential information to ensure that EGU’s HE support directly addresses the geoscience-specific needs of the HE geoscience teaching community, so your input is greatly appreciated.

Please circulate this questionnaire to your friends and colleagues who teach geoscience in HE so that we can use as wide a database as possible in our initial planning phase for providing geoscience-specific support for HE teaching of geoscience.

EGU resources for HE teaching of geosciences: