EGS Young Scientists' Publication Awardee - 1993

Sandra C. Chapman

For her publication: "Chaotic single particle dynamics in a multi-timescale parameterizable field reversal", Annales Geophysicae, accepted for publication, December 1992


Sandra Chapman is presently head of the Space Science Centre (MaPS) at the University of Sussex, UK. Her current research, with co-workers at Sussex and elsewhere, is wide ranging, including analytical theory of single particle dynamics in time dependent fields, numerical simulations of active experiments and ion acceleration in post-reconnection geometries, numerical simulations of wave-particle interactions and analysis of wave particle correlator data.

After graduating with a physics degree from Imperial College in 1982 she began her career in Space Physics as a PhD student at Imperial College, London, under the supervision of Prof. S.W.H. Cowley. She completed her PhD in 1985. Her thesis work was theory and data analysis for the active experiments conducted as part of the US-UK-FRG AMPTE mission. She then spent three years as a research fellow at Queen Maw and Westfield College, London, performing hybrid code simulations to investigate the AMPTE bariun releases. This interest in simulations was continue( with a SERC postdoctoral fellowship at Qmw college and an RS/JS fellowship with Prof. T. Terasawa a Kyoto University, Japan. On taking up a lectureship a Sussex in 1989, Sandra became interested in substorn processes, in particular within a fully time dependent framework, both with studies of single particle dynamics and self consistent simulations. In addition she now has a substantial involvement in data analysis and related theory for understanding wave-particle interactions, in collaboration with Dr. M.P. Gough of Sussex. This latter centres around wave-particle eros correlator data from the recent CRRES mission and the autocorrelator that will be flown on the Cluster spacecraft.