EGS Young Scientists' Publication Awardee - 2001
Steve E. Milan

for the following paper published: S. E. Milan, M. Lester, S. W. H. Cowley, and M. Brittnacher, Dayside convection and auroral morphology during an interval of northward interplanetary magnetic field, Ann. Geophysicae, 18, 436-444, 2000.

. Steve Milan graduated in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Leicester, UK, in 1990, and went on to study for a PhD in the Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group, which he gained in 1995. Since that time he has been interested in HF coherent radar techniques, and their application to the study of solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, specifically dayside convection processes, and collisional plasma instabilities in the E region ionosphere. The EGS award was presented for a paper elucidating the poorly-understood convection and auroral configuration resulting from magnetic reconnection occurring at the high-latitude dayside magnetopause due to a northward directed interplanetary magnetic field, using HF radar measurements of the ionospheric plasma drift and UV observations of the aurora from the POLAR spacecraft. He continues to eke out an existence in Leicester, having recently been inflicted on the undergraduate body through appointment to a temporary lectureship (2001-2004).