EGS Young Scientists' Publication Awardee - 1994

Michael G. Skoblin

For his publication: "An alternative explanation of ionization depletions in the winter night-time storm-perturbed F2-Layer", Annales Geophysicae, 11, 1026-1032, 1993


Michael G. Skoblin was born on July 15, 1962 in Moscow. After graduating from school in 1979 he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute and two years later transferred to the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow Phystech). Skoblin graduated from Phystech (department Air Physics and Space Research) in 1986 and began to work in Moscow Institute for Applied Geophysics (IAG). In 1992 he submitted a Ph. D thesis on longitudinal variations of F2-layer parameters during magnetic storms. From 1992 onwards he has been a research worker at Ionospheric Department of IAG. His professional interest includes the physics of the Earth’s thermosphere and ionosphere and mathematical modelling of the upper atmosphere