European Union of Geosciences

The Alfred Wegener Medal is awarded for scientific achievements in the Earth Sciences and, in particular, successful efforts at bringing together various fields of the Earth Sciences, in order to solve geodynamic problems in the spirit of Wegener, although exceptional achievements within a single field of the Earth Sciences may also be considered.
1983  D.P. McKenzie ; W.J. Morgan
1985  P. Tapponnier
1987  S.K. Runcorn
1989  J. Tuzo Wilson
1991  D.L. Turcotte
1993  S. Mueller ; M. Talwani
1995  E. Irving ; A.N. Khramov
1997  K. Lambeck ; N. Sleep
1999  B. Romanowicz
2001  P. Hoffman
2003  X. Le Pichon