European Union of Geosciences


The Arthur Holmes Medal is for scientific achievements in Terrestrial (or Extraterrestrial) Materials Sciences and, in particular, for successful efforts in using physico-chemical methods in establishing relationships between Earth's materials genesis and terrestrial dynamics and in understanding the historical evolution of the main geological cycles in the spirit of A. Holmes.

1983  D.S. Korzhinskii ; H. Ramberg
1985  A.E. Ringwood
1987  G.J. Wasserburg
1989  W.S. Fyfe
1991  J.G. Ramsay ; M. Mattauer
1993  J.F. Dewey
1995  C.J. Allègre ; R.K. O'Nions
1997  E. Stolper ; B. Wood
1999  I. Kushiro
2001  F. Albarède
2003  C.H. Langmuir