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EGU higher education teaching grant application

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EGU higher education teaching grant application

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is currently accepting applications for higher education teaching grants. The application deadline is 1 June 2021.

EGU higher education teaching grant application
Please provide your first name and family name.
This email is used for validation of this application, as well as for all future communication with you. Please provide either your university/institution email address (preferred) or alternatively a private email address.
Please provide the name of the institution where you teach geoscience
Please provide the country where you teach geoscience
Please enter your current position
Funding requested (750 EUR maximum)
Please list all authors and their contact information
Title and description of teaching package, resources that will be produced and how the funding will be used (500 words maximum)
Briefly elaborate on how your application addresses a new topic not covered by a previous grant and/or is related to teaching geoscience during a pandemic (100 words maximum)
Please add any additional relevant information (250 words maximum)

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Data privacy
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