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Division on Geodesy (G)

President: Johannes Böhm,
Deputy President: Adrian Jäggi,

Traditionally geodesy is the science of the measurement and the mapping of the Earth’s surface. Since the surface is mainly shaped by the Earth’s gravity field the classical definition includes the Earth’s gravitational potential. Observing the Earth figure, the orientation and rotation as well as the gravity field, geodesy today provides spatial and temporal patterns of geophysical processes within the Earth system such as sea level rise, tides, melting of continental ice masses, changes in global water circulation and in the atmosphere or deformations of the solid Earth. Consequently, the geodesy division covers activities on the whole spectrum of modern geodetic Earth system modeling from the measurement systems to the investigation of geophysical processes.

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Following ongoing unrest at Agung in Bali, Indonesia over the past couple of months, the volcano is now emitting dense clouds of ash and incandescence is visible at night at the summit. Read the GMPV Division update on the eruption here. Another natural hazard also occurred this month: on the evening of 12 November, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the Iraq–Iran border region. You can find detailed information about the tremor on the EGU website.

In other news, the EGU has opened applications to both the EGU 2018 General Assembly mentoring programme and the EGU Public Engagement Grants this month. Follow the links to find out more. If you’d like to apply for funding to attend the General Assembly next year, make sure to submit your conference abstract by tomorrow!

Early next month, we'll be announcing the results of the EGU Election Autumn 2017 for the next EGU Union President, General Secretary and Division Presidents. Check the EGU website or your inbox in the next few days to find out who won.

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