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Division on Geosciences Instrumentation and Data Systems

Division on Geosciences Instrumentation and Data Systems

President: Lara Pajewski (
Deputy President: Francesco Soldovieri (

Opposed to other divisions concentrating on specific fields of geosciences, this division intends to be a forum for developments in instrumentation, technology, methods and data handling used in any field of the various geosciences. By promoting the discussion between specialists from widely diverse fields, advances in instrumentation made in one field might be utilized in other areas also and encourage co-operation, thereby saving separate development work and making new approaches possible, which otherwise might still have to wait for years or even decades.

As nearly every other field of geosciences is related to one or the other instrumentation strategy, many of the GI-sessions are co-organized with sessions from other divisions. Potential contributors to any session are encouraged to evaluate the benefits of a multi-disciplinary discussion versus the specific interest of the own target group.

Recent awardees

Lev V. Eppelbaum

Lev V. Eppelbaum

  • 2019
  • Christiaan Huygens Medal

The 2019 Christiaan Huygens Medal is awarded to Lev V. Eppelbaum for outstanding work that has led to significant progress in geology and geophysics, with special emphasis on the development of new methods for the analysis of magnetic, thermal and gravity data.

Lander Van Tricht

Lander Van Tricht

  • 2019
  • Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards

The 2019 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards is awarded to Lander Van Tricht Studying ice dynamics of the Morteratsch glacier complex (Switzerland) with UAV acquired photography and structure from motion (SfM) algorithms

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This month the EGU announced the results of the autumn 2019 elections, which included selecting the Union’s next President, General Secretary and Division Presidents. We also opened two calls for geoscience teachers: one to attend a GIFT workshop in March that will be held in conjunction with the 36th International Geological Congress in Delhi, India, and a second for university-level geoscience teachers to attend a teaching focus group meeting associated with the 2020 General Assembly.

Please remember that the deadline for abstracts for the General Assembly is 15 January 2020 at 13:00 CET. Before then, consider renewing your EGU membership to be part of Europe’s largest geosciences union. EGU members are eligible to submit an abstract to the General Assembly and enjoy substantially reduced meeting registration rates, among other benefits.

Applications are now open for the EGU General Assembly Mentoring Programme (deadline: 31 January 2020).

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