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Models and Datasets

The Community Surface Dynamics Modelling System (CSDMS) has many models, data and other resources relating to the modelling of earth surface dynamics.

Images, videos, animations, apps

  • USGS bedform sedimentology website, with photographs, movies and animations of ripples, dunes, cross-strat and information on digital grain-size analysis from digital images of sediment.
  • River process videos
  • Geopaparazzi is a tool developed to do very fast qualitative engineering/geologic surveys. Even if the main aim is in the field of surveying, it contains tools that can be of great use also to as well as tourists that want to keep a geo-diary. Geopaparazzi belongs to the family of GIS objects that originated from JGrass, and includes also BeeGIS, an Open Source Tool to do field survey.

Papers and proceedings

  • Virtual issue of Transactions celebrates 50 years of the British Society for Geomorphology
    To celebrate 50 years of the British Society for Geomorphology the Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers which is amongst the three most cited geography journals has issued a special virtual issue on Geomorphology. The issue includes research papers from the last 30 years including classic works on geomorphic thresholds, landscape sensitivity and more recent papers on inter alia meander behaviour, scales of inquiry, and fluvial records of flood events. All the papers in the virtual issue are freely available at

  • USGS Report on the 2007 Bedload Research International Coop. international workshop

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