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Post-doc in contaminants transport modelling in coastal area

Job Summary
Job Summary
Sector Academic
Categories Biogeosciences
Ocean Sciences
Type Contract
Level Experienced
Employer Toulon University
Location Toulon, France
Salary 2000€ net salary
Required Education PhD
Application Deadline 30 June 2017
Posted 14 June 2017
Employer Information
Job Description

In the framework of the Interreg Marittimo IMPACT project (2017-2020, European Union funding),
coordinated by ISMAR/CNR (Italy), MIO and PROTEE laboratories from Toulon University
(France) are opening an 18-months post-doc position. Gathering the competences from Italian and
French research partners, the IMPACT project aims at better understanding the influence of large
harbors onto Marine Protected Areas, along the Italian and French Mediterranean coasts. In
particular, MIO and PROTEE laboratories will be in charge of coastal circulation (through physical
observation and numerical modelling) and the assessment of inorganic contaminants (trace
elements) levels in the main environmental compartments (water column, sediments) from such
confined environments.
In such context, the recruited post-doc will have to adapt modelling approaches in order to simulate
the distribution, transport and fate of contaminants in coastal environments. Among the 4 areas
selected in the IMPACT project, this offer will mainly focus on the study of the Toulon Bay
(France) and surrounding Marine Protected Area (Parc National de Port Cros), as a case study
particularly affected by anthropogenic pressures. On field physical and chemical data collection will
be part of the proposed tasks. Most of the job will be conducted at Toulon University, along with
few field campaigns and meetings in Italy and Corsica with the other involved partners.
MIO and PROTEE laboratories are seeking for a candidate having either (1) a strong background in
ocean numerical modelling with experience in (bio)geochemistry of trace elements and/or
contaminants, or (2) a strong background in marine (geo)chemistry of trace elements and/or
contaminants with experience in numerical modelling.
This position being in the framework of an international research project, a PhD is requested as well
as fluent English capacity. Additional experience as a post-doc is welcomed together with field
campaign ability.

detailed CV, motivation letter and at least 2 references to Dr. Yann OURMIERES and Dr. Cédric GARNIER (yann.ourmieres@univ-tln. fr,

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