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Postdoctoral research opportunity, Carbon biogeochemistry in boreal aquatic networks

Postdoctoral research opportunity, Carbon biogeochemistry in boreal aquatic networks


Université du Québec à Montréal


Montreal, Canada


Relevant division
Biogeosciences (BG)


Student / Graduate / Internship


Required education

Application deadline
12 October 2019

24 August 2019

Job description

A postdoctoral position is available in the Aquatic Ecology Group of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), to carry out research focusing on carbon processing, transport and storage, and greenhouse gas dynamics in boreal aquatic networks, associated to the NSERC-funded Research Chair in Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic Systems. Potential topics include, among others, CO2 and CH4 emissions, and C processing and transport by large boreal rivers; aquatic ecosystem metabolism in rivers and lakes and its role in shaping aquatic greenhouse gas dynamics; terrestrial / aquatic biochemical links; the role of aquatic networks on terrestrial C budgets; greenhouse gas and C dynamics in hydroelectric reservoirs and the carbon footprint of hydroelectricity. The project focuses on boreal rivers, lakes and reservoirs in northern Québec (Canada), but comparative work in temperate and subarctic systems in Québec and elsewhere in the world will also be carried out. We are seeking a highly motivated colleague holding a PhD degree in a relevant subject (limnology, aquatic ecology, earth sciences, geography) interested in working in an interdisciplinary setting, with experience in aquatic C and nutrient biochemistry and gases, and excellent verbal and written English communication skills; experience in GIS, landscape modeling, and / or hydrology would be an asset. The postdoctoral fellow will join the highly dynamic, diverse and multidisciplinary team of the NSERC-funded Industrial Research Chair in Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic Systems (, which in turn is part of a aquatic group in the Département des sciences biologiques of the UQAM, with collective expertise in nutrient and C biogeochemistry, ecosystem and landscape modeling, population, community and ecosystem ecology, genomics and molecular ecology. The initial appointment is available for one year, with a possibility of renewal for an additional year contingent upon satisfactory performance.

How to apply

Interested scientists should send a letter of introduction, academic resume, and the names of two references, to Dr. Paul del Giorgio (, 514-795-7983). E-mail enquiries and applications are welcome. Starting date: Fall 2019/winter 2020.