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Co-Sponsored Meetings

The EGU Meetings Programme is dedicated to the pursuit of progress in all areas of the Earth, planetary and space sciences through excellence in the organisation and running of various co-sponsored meetings for the benefit of all scientists and with special attention to the needs of young researchers. These include:

Applications for sponsorship of Training Schools can be submitted via the meeting support request form.

Recently co-sponsored meetings

Call for 2018
  • ICTP Summer School on Theory, Mechanisms and Hierarchical Modelling of Climate Dynamics: Multiple Equilibria in the Climate System, Trieste, Italy
  • Empirical and Ab Initio Thermodynamic Models of Minerals and Melts, Milos Island, Greece
  • Glaciers, Moraines and Climate: Challenges of Identifying, Dating and Extracting Palaeoclimatic Data from Former Glacier Fluctuations, Inchnadamph, Scotland
  • Geoheritage Management: Conservation, Promotion and Monitoring, Braga, Portugal
  • Summer School on Natural Hazards in the Anthropocene, Sweden
  • Geoscience Communication School, Tarquinia, Italy
  • Deformation Processes in the Lower Crust (Bohemian Massif, Austria)., Bohemian Massif, Austria
  • Foraminiferal Biomonitoring (FaB) School, St Andrews, UK
  • Young Seismologists Training Course: "Array Seismology", Malta
  • Training School on Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured Media – Subsurface Processes In The Critical Zone: Observation, Experimentation and Modelling, Cargèse (Corsica), France
  • SOLAS Summer School, Cargese (Corsica), France
  • 4th Snow Science Winter School (SSWS), Col du Lautaret, France
  • International School of Space Science - The polar upper atmosphere: From science to operational issues, L'Aquila, Italy
Second call for 2017
  • TURBINTERMARS, International Conference on Turbulence and Interactions in Marine Systems, Trieste, Italy
  • 15th International Workshop on Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics, Postillion Hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer. Public transportation: 1h20 from Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands All participants stay in the hotel. It has good facilities for lectures and poster display.
  • 14 th International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW-14), The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Etna International Training School of Volcanic Gas Geochemistry, 2017, Etna – Catania, Italy
  • 4th EGU Summer School "STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF CRYSTALLINE ROCKS", South Tyrol (Neves area and Bruneck) - NE Italy
  • Natural stone for cultural heritage: local resources with global impact, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Integrated approaches to investigate the role of benthic organisms in soft and hard substrate in ecosystem functioning: from field observations and experiments to modeling and indicator development, Calvi, Corsica
  • Towards a Global Synthesis of Stable Isotope Records from Speleothems, Dublin, Ireland
  • Summer School on "Principles of catchment-scale hydrological modelling", Lecce, Italy
  • Training school on stratosphere-troposphere interactions, Cape Town, South Africa
First call for 2017
  • Evaluation workshop for CMIP6 simulations of the climate of Greenland and Antarctica, Utrecht or Amsterdam, The Netherlands or Cambridge or Bristol, UK
  • TIDES School: Build Your Science and Career in Seismology, Oxford, UK
  • MElting and fluid/melt-rock REactions in the MAntle – MEREMA, Pavia, Italy
  • IAG-EGU Intensive Course on ‘Geomorphology Field Training in tectonically active mountain regions’, Dehra Dun, India
  • Drought in the Anthropocene Collaborative Research Workshop, Birmingham, UK
  • IAU Symposium 335: Space Weather of the Heliosphere: Processes and Forecasts, Exeter, UK
  • Geoscience Communication School, Castiglione del Lago, Italy
  • 3rd IAGA Summer School, Hermanus, South Africa
  • EGU short course: Petrochronology: Methods and Applications (Vienna 2017), Vienna, Austria
  • 1st World Conference on Soil and Water Conservation under Global Change (CONSOWA), Lleida, Spain
  • GODAE International School: New Frontiers of Operational Oceanography, Pollença, Spain
  • PAGES Open Science Meeting (OSM) and Young Scientists Meeting (YSM): Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective, Zaragoza and Morillo de Tou, Spain
  • 10th International School on Foraminifera, Urbino, Italy
Second call for 2016
  • MedCLIVAR 2016. Mediterranean Climate: Learning from the past, perceiving the present, engaging for the future, Athens, Greece
  • ASTARTE, PEARL & TANDEM Joint Summer School, Chania, Greece
  • Convective and volcanic clouds detection, monitoring and modeling, Tarquinia, Italy
  • The biosphere-atmosphere exchange and global budget of carbonyl sulfide, Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland
  • Geoscience Communication School, Castiglione del Lago, Italy
  • TOPO-EUROPE Conference, Clermont Ferrand, France
  • Pollen-based quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation/land cover using modelling approaches (PAGES LandCover6k), Kalmar, Sweden
  • Workshop on Martian Gullies and their Earth Analogues, London, UK
  • 6th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Global Modeling of the space weather chain, Espoo, Finland
  • MT3DINV3: The Third Workshop on 3-D Magnetotelluric Inversion, Bari, Italy