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Science Journalism Fellowship

The Science Journalism Fellowship is an annual competition open to professional journalists interested in geoscience stories. The fellowships enable reporters to follow scientists on location to report on ongoing research in the Earth, planetary or space sciences. Successful applicants receive up to €5000 to cover expenses related to their projects.

EGU Science Journalism Fellowships differ from other science journalism prizes. Rather than awarding a published piece of science reporting, the EGU funds innovative proposals to report on geoscientific research not yet in the public sphere. The award offers journalists the opportunity to follow geoscientists on location and to develop an in-depth understanding of their research questions, approaches, findings and motivation. The aim of the fellowship is to promote excellence in geoscience reporting.The call for applications takes place in mid to late October each year, with the winners announced in December or in January of the following year. For more information on the fellowship, please check the most recent competition announcement or email the EGU Media and Communications Manager at

Past and present fellows

Kate Ravilious and Liz Kalaugher Kate Ravilious and Liz Kalaugher

Kate Ravilious and Liz Kalaugher