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EGU press conference (Credit: Kai Boggild/EGU)

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Applications for the EGU Science Journalism Fellowship are open from 17 March 2022 until 17 June 2022.

The EGU Science Journalism Fellowship is an annual competition open to professional journalists interested in reporting on ongoing research in the Earth, planetary or space sciences. Please do not fill in this form if you are not a professional journalist. To find out about job opportunities in the geosciences, please check the EGU jobs portal. If you are a geoscientist interested in developing an outreach project, please check the EGU Public Engagement Grants page.

To submit a proposal, please fill in the form below and press "Submit application". Fields marked with * are required.

Application details

Please read the fellowship call for applications carefully to make sure you are eligible to apply.

Competitive proposals will:

  1. focus on a topic in the geosciences (including planetary and space sciences) with potential broad public appeal and within the remit of EGU's scientific divisions,
  2. outline an original, well-informed approach to the subject,
  3. and feature leading Europe-based researchers and/or have European relevance.
Though the final project can be published in any European language, applications must be written in English and include the three criteria for competitive proposals. Two application documents are required:

Application details
This document must be anonymous (i.e., it should not mention the applicant’s name, gender, contact details, or any other information that identifies the candidate) and include a working title, motivation, outline of approach, provisional plan of work, and suggested publication outlets. This document must also include a detailed budget (up to 5k EUR) and an outline of the feasibility of completing the project on schedule and with the budget requested. (file size max. 10 MB)
This document should be an account of professional affiliations, previous experience, expertise and acclaim. (file size max. 5 MB)

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Your name and a valid email address are required to add your submission to our database. Please provide your contact details below and make sure to validate your entry (a link will be sent to the given email address) within 10 days, or your submission will be automatically deleted from our database.

All data provided will be used during the review process and may be shared with invited judges and EGU staff. We respect your privacy and will never share your personal details with any other third party. To improve the review process, we may store your submission data up to five years. After this date, your information will be automatically removed from our database.

Contact details
Please write your first and last names
The EGU needs your contact information to validate this database entry. In addition we may (on rare occasions) need to contact you about your submission. You can withdraw your consent and have your data deleted at any time, in accordance with our privacy policy.