Geoscience's influence on fantasy fiction, folklore and false beliefs
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Issue 106, October 2023
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Geoscience’s influence on fantasy fiction, folklore and false beliefs…

…and why we must question the things we think we “know”

With Halloween around the corner, October’s newsletter takes a realistic look at popular fictional tales and digs deep into stereotypes rooted in archaeology. EGU Head of Communications Hazel Gibson inspects the geology of the Lord of the Rings, and geoscience writer Devayani Khare explains why migration, whether in the past or present, stirs powerful emotions around the world.

For decades now, swamps have earned a certain reputation of being spooky, but why? According to Simon Clark, EGU Project Coordination Officer, there is more to this than meets the eye.

On another note, how does growing up in the highlands of Peru inspire someone to pursue a career in physics? Find out from Liliana Macotela, researcher of radio waves at the Earth-Space boundary & Solar-Terrestrial ECS Representative!

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Science Policy

GeoPolicy: From research to regulation – unpacking the EU Soil Directive

In this month’s GeoPolicy blog, we dive into the new Directive on Soil Monitoring and Resilience to get a better understanding about what it aims to achieve, how it came to be, and the next steps that it will go through before (hopefully) being adopted.

Credit: Agriculture - Stellenbosch. Image credit: Joyce Schmatz (via Imaggeo)

Science for Policy newsletter

Don’t miss October’s #ScienceforPolicy newsletter which has plenty for you to jump into: the new Restoring forest ecosystems: Evidence-based insights for policymakers publication from the EGU Biodiversity Task Force, an open call for the European Commission Joint Research Centre Trainees, and the third ReSToRE Summer School.

You can also share any new science for policy opportunities or ask us questions by getting in touch via or on the EGU’s official Science for Policy Twitter Account @EGU_Policy

Journal Watch

“In conclusion, it is noted that the combined and systematic measurement of all three Te, Ti and Tn, ideally provided in situ from instruments on board the same platform, would allow us to make a conclusive statement on the thermal equilibrium between electrons, ions and neutrals and to investigate the regions and causes of deviations from that state.”

Prinaris and Sarris, 2023, Annales Geophysicae


October EGU journal highlights


EGU Artist in Residence and Geocinema are back!

Are you a science-artist looking for inspiration from exciting new geoscience research? Apply to our EGU24 Artist in Residence scheme by 27 November. And after a six year hiatus, GeoCinema is back: so submit your short film by 15 December!

Resource of the month

Integrating science into the EU Nature Restoration Law

How does science actually influence EU policy? In this EGUwebinar Damien Thomson spoke with several experienced science for policy advocates about the EU Nature Restoration Law and the role EGU’s members play.

Upcoming Dates

EGUwebinar: Fighting fake news: identifying and addressing scientific misinformation

Challenging misinformation can feel daunting, but as producers of the original knowledge, scientists are in a unique position to help. Find out how by registering for this EGUwebinar on 15:00 CET on 2 November.

EGU Science for Policy hangout

Come virtually network with those working at the science-policy interface! Register for our upcoming #ScienceForPolicy hangout at 14:00 CET on 6 November.

EGUwebinar: LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in science: an easy guide to pronouns

This webinar at 12:00 CET on 17 November will introduce elements of LGBTQIA+ terminology and etiquette, and show how to actively contribute to a more welcoming workplace for all. Register now!

Workshop: Communication skills for non-native English speakers with Science without Borders

Find out how three international science communicators overcame linguistic barriers, and how to communicate with an international audience yourself. This workshop takes place at 15:00 CET from 4-7 December. Apply by 20 November!

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