120 years of climate-change language, a new Science for Policy Working Group, & much more!
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Issue 73, January 2021
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The Greenhouse Effect

120 years of climate-change language

When Swedish meteorologist Nils Ekholm coined the term “greenhouse effect” in 1901, the impact of atmospheric gases on the planet’s temperature was more of a mathematical curiosity than a critical societal issue, writes EGU Communications Officer Hazel Gibson. As our scientific understanding of climate science evolves, she argues, so too must the language we use to communicate about the escalating climate crisis. Read more!

Science Policy

EGU announces new Science for Policy Working Group

In response to member feedback, the EGU Council has established a working group whose focus will be on supporting evidence-informed policy and highlighting policy-relevant research conducted by EGU members.

Learn more here!

EGU policy activities: what’s coming up in 2021?

From the most policy-related sessions ever organised at an EGU General Assembly to dedicated online networking events, 2021 promises to be a big year for EGU science for policy activities. Chloe Hill, the Union’s Policy Officer, has also created a snazzy new Science for Policy Newsletter.

Read more about these activities!

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Journal Watch

“The balance between the amounts of ice and supercooled water in clouds over the world’s oceans strongly influences how much these clouds can dampen or amplify global warming. Aerosol particles which catalyse ice formation can dramatically reduce the amount of supercooled water in clouds.”

Murray et al., 2021
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)


January EGU journal highlights


Proposals for Galileo Conferences to be held from March 2022 through February 2023 are due on 2 March 2021. These fully supported gatherings address well-focused, cutting-edge topics at the frontiers of Earth, planetary, or space science research. Apply today!

Part 2 of EGU’s Promoting inclusive language: an incomplete guide is now online. Read it here!

Resource of the month

EGU webinar: All about open access!

In this interview, the initiator and co-chair of the open-access initiative OA2020 addresses members’ questions, including how abstracts submitted to vEGU21 are protected. View it here!

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vEGU21 mentoring

This popular mentoring programme helps first-time participants get the most out of EGU’s annual meeting. Anyone who has attended twice can serve as a mentor. Register here!

EGU Communications Interns

EGU is searching for two part-time, paid interns to help produce content and visuals for vEGU21. Learn more!

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