Mars month: the Hope Probe's science & symbolism; Union leaders' Vision 2021; and what you need to know about vEGU21 sessions.
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Issue 74, February 2021
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Mars Month!

Hope Probe: first global picture of Mars’ atmosphere

Science and symbolism are important components of the first Arab mission to the Red Planet. The probe’s unique orbit will enable the first measurements of how the Martian atmosphere varies by season and by day. The mission also represents “a greater hope for the region: an inspiration to the youth to engage in the fields of science and technology,” says Hessa Rashid Al Matroushi, the science data and analysis lead. And because the data will be openly shared, this mission lets us all embark on an exciting journey to explore the secrets of our neighbouring planet together, she says. Learn more!

Science Policy

EGU science-policy pairing scheme

The virtual format of the Union’s 2020/2021 scheme has enabled the selected scientist, Renée Bichler, to join a number of European Parliamentary Committee meetings, Plenary Sessions, and other online events with Member of the European Parliament Maria Spyraki.

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Credit: European Parliament via Flickr

How does Europe deal with its waste?

Waste and the circular economy is an important topic for many geoscientists, writes Daniel Paravaz, Director of Lightning Machines mineral processing consultancy. Our consumption drives the need for resources and resource extraction, while disposal of this waste impacts the environments in which many scientists conduct research. So what can geoscientists do about this issue?

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Journal Watch

“In addition to providing science data, the primary goal of the Balloon Lidar Experiment (BOLIDE) project was to demonstrate for the first time the operation of a high-power lidar on board a balloon platform.” Kaifler et al. 2020, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques


February EGU journal highlights


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Vision 2021: EGU’s leaders focus on the future

EGU’s President and President-elect share their visions for what the Union can achieve in the next few years.

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New for EGU

Learn about five key initiatives that EGU has implemented in the past year!

Resource of the month

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Everything you need to know about the vEGU21 scientific sessions!

The most recent information about the format and key dates for the vPICO sessions at the EGU General Assembly 2021—all in one place.

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Lighthearted tips for a greener EGU21!

Reuse your pasta water (for plants!) & other ideas of environmentally friendly things to try while working from home.

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vEGU to GreenEGU

What lessons can you take from this year’s virtual General Assembly to make your in-person conferences greener in the future?

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