Countdown to vEGU21: early-bird registration ends Wednesday; what’s on at the meeting; and getting the most out of online conferences.
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Issue 75, March 2021
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vEGU21: 19-30 April

Early-bird registration ends 31 March!

With the start of vEGU21 just a few weeks away, we’re excited to give you a first look around our brand-new virtual conference centre! Copernicus, EGU’s meeting organiser, in collaboration with our Programme Committee and the EGU office, is creating a custom-designed platform based on last year’s feedback to give our community a full General Assembly experience, complete with networking, medal and award lectures, Short Courses, and a Jobs & Careers Centre. We hope you’ll set aside plenty of time during the last two weeks of April to fully engage in the experience that you’ve helped create!

Science Policy

Challenges to democracy in a digital world

A recent report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has found that democracy is under pressure from the influence that social media has on our opinions and behaviours. What does this mean for our society—and the scientific community?

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Credit: Joint Research Centre

Science for policy: your handbook

Almost every policy decision has a scientific component, and science can help policymakers assess the benefits and pitfalls of different policy pathways. A new GeoPolicy blog highlights the key messages of a recently published Science for Policy Handbook and outlines how scientists can bridge the gap between what can feel like two different worlds. A vEGU21 Short Course on Tues 27 Apr at 10:00 will also explore this topic.

Learn how you can achieve policy impact!!

Credit: Joint Research Centre

Journal Watch

“Volcanic eruptions are a key source of climatic variability, and greater understanding of their past influence will increase the accuracy of future projections. Despite being the most explosive Icelandic eruption in the last 1200 years, the 1477 CE event had a limited impact on Northern Hemisphere climate.”

Abbott et al. 2021, Climate of the Past


March EGU journal highlights


Credit: Jonas Igel via Imaggeo

EGU Webinar: What’s on at vEGU21

Learn more about the opportunities on offer at the annual meeting for ECS, and how you can explore the science-art interface and become more involved in the policymaking process during this webinar, to be held 8 April at 13:00.

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Resource of the month

Getting the most out of online conferences

This webinar addresses how researchers can get the most value from vEGU21 and other online conferences and asks three panellists with different yet keen insights on how best to approach a virtual meeting format. Watch the webinar!


Everything you need to know about vEGU21!

All the most recent information about the virtual EGU General Assembly 2021:

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