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Everything you need to vEGU!

This year’s EGU General Assembly features a complete conference experience, from ten keynote sessions and a Jobs and Careers Centre to a Kids Art activity and #ActualLivingScientist initiative. vEGU21 will also include many ways to connect with colleagues and friends, including networking events on and a Games Jam.

To help guide you through this new virtual experience, we’ve pulled together the resources you need to get the most out of vEGU21. These include our Top 10 tips for promoting good online engagement – for both conveners and participants – plus tips to balance your experience so you’re ready for all the vPICO sessions the second week. There’s also a blog to let you know how to create an accessible (and effective) presentation.

Last but not least, we’d like you to meet three wonderful people who are helping communicate all this information to you. We hope you have a fun and fulfilling meeting!

Science Policy

Science for policy at #vEGU21!

This year’s virtual General Assembly offers more policy-related sessions than any previous annual meeting! If you’re curious, it’s worth adding a couple policy-related sessions into your #vEGU21 personal programme! This GeoPolicy blog highlights a number of the science for policy sessions you can choose from.

Achieving policy impact

How can scientists more effectively impact policy? Learn more in this recent blog about the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre Science for Policy Handbook. You can also learn about the handbook during the #vEGU21 Short Course SC3.4: Your Handbook to Science for Policy, on Tuesday 27 April, 10:00–11:00 CEST.

Join SC3.5 How to influence policy through engaging with Parliaments to learn how parliaments use evidence in their policy-shaping processes and the mechanisms that feed science advice into these chambers. The course is hosted by two experts working with parliaments at the interface of science and policy!


vEGU21 will feature four Artists (not!) in Residence, including Lego photographer Stacy Phillips, creative writer Andy Emery, science communicator Kelly Stanford, and digital artist Priyanka Das Rajkakati. There will also be chances to get creative with a series of EDI colouring pages at the EGU Booth!

Image: Geoscientist Chris Jackson, by Kelly Stanford


Strike it rich with your live vPICO presentation!

A ‘golden nugget’ has come to mean a key takeaway message. Your 2-minute presentation is your opportunity to highlight the key takeaway of your research before more in-depth text conversations. Each live vPICO is based on a single slide you must upload at least 24 hours before your session’s start. You can also dig deeper: add displays and even a pre-recorded presentation for enriching discussions.

Resource of the month

What’s on at vEGU21

There will be many opportunities at vEGU21 for you to explore the interface between science and other practices, including the policymaking process and how researchers and artists can collaborate to better communicate scientific research. Watch the webinar!


Everything you need to know about vEGU21!

All the most recent information about the virtual EGU General Assembly 2021:

Scientific sessions: how to vPICO!
Schedule: the vEGU21 time blocks
Presentation materials: displays, commenting & licencing
Programme: session dates & times
Code of Conduct: respectful behaviour, reporting violations


Networking (part 4): Top 10 Networking events!

GeoLog, the Union’s official blog

Networking (part 2): the pop-up networking scheduler!

GeoLog, the Union’s official blog

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