COP26 and environmental policy! Reflect on COP26, it's aims and targets, discuss the new Glasgow Climate Pact, meet a member of the EGU Science for Policy Working Group, Noel Baker, and submit your abstract to EGU22!
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Issue 83, November 2021
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COP26 and EU environmental policy

How can we help in achieving our global climate goals?

November 2021 once again put climate change in the spotlight for Europe and the world as twenty-five thousand delegates from nearly 200 countries came together for the UN’s annual climate summit, COP26. Hopes were high for the meeting and several achievements were made, but many have questioned if the resulting document, the Glasgow Climate Pact, went far enough. On the EGUblogs Media and Communications Officer Gillian D’Souza investigated what we will need to do to meet even the conservative aims of the Glasgow Climate Pact, whilst IPCC Working Group 1 Science Lead Sarah Connors explained in an EGUwebinar the place of the recent report in COP26, but also how scientists can get involved in the future. “At the end of every chapter of IPCC reports there are concluding remarks that talk about things that we couldn’t assess because we didn’t have enough available literature… so if people are looking to help with new research I would recommend reading the IPCC chapters.” Watch the full webinar here.

EGU has a strong commitment to participating in European Science for Policy, and this month we launched the new Policy Priority Area for 2022-24: Biodiversity, as well as an open call for members of the new Biodiversity Task Force, both initiatives shaped by the EGU Science for Policy Working Group. This month’s GeoTalk is with Noel Baker, a member of the Working Group, who talked about her experience in working at the science-policy interface. “Scientists are an extremely valuable resource for informing policy and decision-making,” says Noel, “and in many cases, our involvement is necessary to ensure that stakeholders have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information.” Find out more information about how you can get involved here.

Science Policy

GeoPolicy blog: The place of Biodiversity in EU Policy

This month EGU has announced our new Policy Priority Area for 2022-2024 which is Biodiversity! But you may be wondering how that fits into European Policy? In this month’s GeoPolicy blog, Policy Manager Chloe Hill explains why biodiversity is such a good focus for EGU and European Policy.

GeoTalk: what is the EGU Biodiversity Task Force?

With the announcement of the Policy Priority Area EGU has also launched an open call for members of the new Biodiversity Task Force, but what is it and what can new members expect? Read a full explanation on the EGUblogs here and apply by 17 December 2021.

November’s Science for Policy Newsletter

Want to know how you or your institution can influence policy? Check EGU’s monthly Science for Policy Newsletter.

Journal Watch

“A geochemical modelling approach was presented to simulate barite formation in a celestite grain packed column. After calibration of the nucleation process, of the three different precipitation patterns observed in the experiments, two were reproduced almost exactly and one was matched qualitatively well by only varying the input concentration.”

Tranter et al 2021, Advances in Geoscience


November EGU journal highlights


EGU announces the 2022 Awards and Medals winners!

EGU has named the 50 recipients of next year’s Union Medals and Awards, Division Medals, and Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Awards, read more here.

Resource of the month

How to build an LGBT+ network in geoscience webinar

18 November was LGBTQinSTEM day and if you want to build your own support network, get some useful tips from the members of EGUpride! Watch now!

Upcoming Dates

EGU Webinar: Vanishing Glaciers

As mountain glaciers around the globe continue to disappear how will glacier loss impact communities, both as a resource and a natural hazard? Join Harry Zellokari for a special webinar to answer this question and others on Wednesday 15 December at 13.00CET. Register here!

EDI Group seeks a new Eastern European member!

To ensure good representation of our members from Eastern Europe the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Group is looking for a new member! Apply by 31 January 2022, more information here.

EGU Webinar: Digitalk: online (geo)science communication

Ever wanted to improve your online science communication with vlogs, blogs and social media? Join us to learn all about it on Wednesday 7 December at 12.30CET. Register here!

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