Uncovering science for policy ecosystems across the EU Member States & #EGU22 policy sessions

This month’s Science for Policy Newsletter brings new perspectives on the science-policy interface and science advisory ecosystem. It highlights some recent discoveries from the EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre on policy ecosystems across the EU Member States and the International Network for Government Science Advice’s new podcast. It also outlines some of EGU22’s policy-related sessions that you can schedule into your personal programme!

If you have any further questions or comments regarding the EGU General Assembly’s policy activities, feel free to get in touch via policy@egu.eu or on Twitter @Chl0e_Hill.

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Your guide to science for policy at #EGU22

With the EGU General Assembly a little over a month away, it’s time to start planning your personal programme! Whether you’re attending in person or online, there are plenty of ways for you to engage in policy-related sessions and activities. One of April’s blog posts on the General Assembly highlights a number of these policy sessions and initiatives. Even if you’re just a bit curious about policy, it’s worth adding a couple of them into your schedule!

Strengthening and connecting science for policy ecosystems

Credit: European Commission Joint Research Centre

The EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre is conducting research into the science advisory and policy ecosystems of each EU Member State. This assessment is a participatory process with individuals contributing via the Joint Research Centre’s workshop series Strengthening and connecting science for policy ecosystems across the EU.

The subsequent publications identify the main actors and institutions that provide scientific advice to policymakers and are therefore a fantastic resource for anyone looking to engage on a national level! Assessments for Greece and Portugal were recently published (outlined and linked below) and France will be the next Member State to be assessed. If you’re working in France and would like to be involved in the process, you can register to join the Science for Policymaking in France workshop on 19 May 2022.

Science for policy in Greece

The Joint Research Centre’s Greek ecosystem of science for policy publication maps Greece’s science for policy ecosystem and discusses ways to strengthen linkages between scientific research and policymaking processes. It identifies a plethora of institutions that provide scientific input for policymakers to use, their current impact, and specific science for policy challenges. Furthermore, it proposes the co-creation of policies with scientists and urges policymakers and experts to engage more frequently and constructively using established and permanent communication channels.

Science for policy in Portugal

The Joint Research Centre’s Science for policy in Portugal publication describes the presence of different science for policy ecosystems in Portugal along with key challenges. It was found that Portugal has diverse organisational mechanisms for scientific advice but lacks formalised procedures to integrate science into policy processes. The publication also outlines how the system could be improved be by recognising the benefits of science advice for policy, promoting dialogues between scientists and policymakers, building institutional trust, stimulating academic engagement, and increasing transparency.

New Podcast: INGSA Horizons

The International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) has launched the new podcast INGSA Horizons to facilitate conversations at the intersection between science, policy, and society. You can listen to a range of different topics through individual episodes that explore the critical space between science and policy.

Season 1 of INGSA Horizons has a collection of exciting episodes that you can binge now including Science Advice from the frontline, A cacophony of evidence, and The logic of our feelings – Balancing ‘Facts’ and ‘Values’ in policymaking.

Journal of Science, Policy & Governance Internship

The Journal of Science, Policy & Governance, which is not an EGU journal, is hosting a global internship programme that will provide professional development opportunities to students from around the world who are interested in learning more about science for policy. Internships will be on a part-time (1-3 hours per week), volunteer basis and allow participants to focus on several different areas including outreach, event organisations, communications, podcast development, and data collection. You can read more about the internship and apply here until 1 May 2022.

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