Jump into EGU24 Sci4Pol initiatives and opportunities to provide expertise on an EU and international level!

Dear EGU Expert,

This month’s Science for Policy Newsletter dives into EGU24 Sci4Pol initiatives and opportunities for you to provide expertise on an EU and international governance level!

Read on to learn about EGU’s 2024 Science for policy agenda, the open calls for biodiversity and science for policy experts, how to connect with your EGU Division Policy Officer or Point of Policy contact by joining their Slack group, your chance to get feedback from with policymakers and #SciPol experts at EGU24, and the upcoming General Assembly of the European Climate Research Alliance.

If you have any further questions or comments about the policy opportunities that exist for scientists in Europe, don’t hesitate to get in touch via policy@egu.eu or on the EGU’s official Science for Policy Twitter Account @EGU_Policy.

Best wishes,
Chloe Hill, EGU Policy Manager

EGU’s science for policy agenda for 2024

The EGU’s science for policy programme is continually developing and expanding to help meet the needs of EGU members and European policymakers! The first GeoPolicy blog post of 2024 kicks-off the New Year by outlining a few of the key science for policy activities that you can look forward to and engage within the next 12 months.

This includes upcoming EGU24 activities, the EGU Science-Policy Pairing Scheme, #Science4Policy Hangouts, and an introduction to the EGU’s new Division Policy Officers and Policy Points of Contact. You can read all the details here.

Call for Experts: the global science-policy roster

The International Science Council is calling for experts to participate in global science-policy work to join a roster of experts that cover 20 key areas related to the United Nation’s agenda. The International Science Council will draw on this roster to:

- provide ad-hoc science advice to the UN secretariat and UN Member States
- prepare high-level briefs for the UN Secretariat and UN Member States
- develop statements on behalf of the international scientific community
- provide recommendations of speakers for high-level debates and panels for policymaking audiences.

You can add your name by completing the online form by 29 February 2024.

Call for experts: Convention on Biological Diversity

The Cooperation for the Convention on Biological Diversity has opened a call for biodiversity experts to become part of the science-policy synergy that aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

The opportunity is presented to researchers and practitioners of all levels of career development. Selected experts within the network will be invited to contribute to the development of technical briefs that address the topic of biodiversity protection through the mechanisms of the Convention on Biological Diversity. They will also both receive and provide training in biodiversity protection processes and be allowed to attend online capacity-building workshops which are scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2024.

All interested experts are encouraged to apply to join the expert network by filling out the form here. This call for experts does not have a set deadline, but the sooner experts register, the sooner they will be connected with opportunities.

Join the EGU Division Policy Slack Channel

In 2023, several EGU Divisions appointed Policy Officers and Points of Policy Contact within their structures. These positions will support their Division members to engage in policymaking by sharing Division-relevant opportunities, providing them with resources, and coordinating groups of division members interested in providing useful and timely information to policymakers.

If you’re interested in engaging with your Division Policy Officer or Point of Policy Contact, you can join their new Slack group and participate in discussions here.

Connect with policymakers & scipol experts at EGU24

Not only will EGU24 have an exciting range of science for policy sessions (more on these next month!), but we will also have several initiatives throughout the week that will enable you to engage with policymakers and those working on the science-policy interface outside of a regular session format.

Ask a Science for Policy Expert at EGU24

This year, EGU will be offering EGU24 attendees the opportunity to have their questions answered by individuals who are working as policymakers or on the interface of science and policy through 1-on-1 and small group meetings throughout the EGU24 General Assembly. Meetings will be available both virtually and on-site at the General Assembly in Vienna.

To meet one of the experts, please submit your question(s) or topic that you would like to talk about by 1 April 2024 and you will be paired with an expert who can discuss them!

Pitching your research to a policymaker at EGU24

EGU24’s Pitching your research to a policymaker will give you the opportunity to present the key aspects of your research to a panel of policymakers and those working on the science-policy interface! The panel will then give their feedback and provide insights on areas that you can improve on when discussing your research with policymakers in the future. This will not only allow you to develop your science-policy presentation and communication skills, but also highlight areas that you can consider including to ensure that your research resonates with the policy community moving forward.

If you would like to practice your pitch, you can submit your topic for consideration here. Timeslots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Upcoming European Climate Research Alliance event

This year’s European Climate Research Alliance General Assembly will take place on 5 and 6 March. Hosted in Brussels, this event will include researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to bridge the gap and gain a better understanding of our shared responsibility for a resilient and sustainable future. You can join the expert-led discussions that explore crucial topics related to climate change, potential solutions, and climate justice by registering here.

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