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New NP executives

As incoming NP president at the April General Assembly, I would like to warmily thank Henk Dijkstra my predecessor for the last four years; the following summary  (since July 2012) mostly concerns achievements under his mandate.

First, I’de like to introduce the new NP executive (some of the faces are old and some are new): Stefano Pierini (NP2, Dynamical Systems Approaches to Problems in the Geosciences), François Schmitt (NP3, Scales, Scaling and Nonlinear Variability), Reik Donner (NP4, Time Series and Patterns), Olivier Talagrand (NP5, Predictability), Jose Redondo (NP6, Turbulence, Transport and Diffusion), Vincent Rey (NP7, Nonlinear Waves), Valerio Lucarini (NP8, Nonlinear Stochastics), Daniel Schertzer (publications), Shaun Lovejoy (Programme group chair), Isabel de Lima (Scientific Affairs), August Gires (Webmaster).  The new Richardson medal committee is composed of: Chair: C. Nicolis, Members: H. Swinney, J. Kurths, S. Fauve, K. Fraedrich.

Thanks to all you efforts, the 2013 General Assembly featured 377 NP abstracts in 18 NP sessions and 11 session co-organized with other divisions.  In addition, three NP short courses were organized:

1. Nonlinear time series analysis: R. Donner, S. Barbosa.

2. Tipping Points in the Geosciences: M. Ghil, P. Ditlevsen, H.A. Dijkstra.

3. Predictability in Theory and Predictability in Practice: L. Smith.

I should also mention the following NP honours:  Outstanding Student Poster Award 2012: Auguste Gires, Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2013: Yongxiang Huang, Lewis Fry Richardson Medal 2013: Juergen Kurths.

Thank you for all your efforts; I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Vienna in 2014!

-Shaun Lovejoy,

NP division president

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