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EGU GA 2010 Web Streaming

Great Debate in Geosciences

  • GDG1: Getting real about energy
  • GDG2: To what extent do humans impact the Earth's climate?

Union Symposia

  • Farewell Session for Arne K. Richter
  • Union Medal & Award Ceremony

Union Awards Lectures

  • ML1: The Fate of the Amazon Forest in the 21st Century (Alexander von Humboldt Medal Lecture)
    Carlos A. Nobre | Stream
  • ML2: Wetting Front Instability in Porous Media (Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture)
    Jean-Yves Parlange | Stream
  • ML3: Subduction Zone Concepts and the 2010 Chile Earthquake (Arthur Holmes Medal Lecture)
    Roland von Huene | Stream
  • ML4: Fascinating Plasma Structures (Jean Dominique Cassini Medal Lecture)
    Gerhard Haerendel | Stream

Press Conferences

  • Mass extinctions, volcanism, impacts and global environmental change: towards a multicausal scenario?
    Gerta Keller, Vincent Courtillot, Thierry Adatte | Stream
  • Old soils, new insights into human past
    Andrea Balbo, Maria-Raimonda Usai, Marie Petronille and Stephania Ern, Luca Trombino | Stream
  • EGU Keynote Closing Lecture: The 30th anniversary of the discovery of the iridium anomaly at the Cretaceous Paleogene boundary – The state of the Chicxulub impact-extinction theory
    Jan Smit | Stream
  • Methane: a small molecule with a big impact
    Alina Stadnitskaia, Matthias Haeckel, Helge Niemann, Martin Krüger | Stream
  • Arctic sea ice is in terminal retreat
    Peter Wadhams | Stream
  • Late-breaking news from Eyjafjallajökull aerial surveys
    Ulrich Schumann, Bernadett Weinzierl | Stream
  • In stormy waters - First results from the IODP Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes Expedition
  • The future of ocean research drilling post 2013 – A new drilling programme under development
    Catherine Mevel, Kiyoshi Suyehiro | Stream
  • Magnitude and rate of past sea-level changes – Results from the IODP New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition
  • Modern lightning research - Improving the safety of society
    Colin Price, Oscar van der Velde, Vera Meyer | Stream
  • The Earth’s electronic skin: monitoring the environment through sensor webs
    Walter Schmidt | Stream
  • The Big Bubble in the Sky – our Solar system viewed from the inside
    Stamatios Krimigis | Stream
  • The 2010 Haiti and Chile eartquakes and tsunami - What made the difference?
    Mourad Bezzeghoud, Vasily Titov, Sergio Barrientos, Raul Madriaga, Massimo Cocco, Stefano Tinti | Stream
  • Sea level changes and their impacts in coastal oceans
    David Vaughan, Svetlana Jevrejeva, Anny Cazenave | Stream
  • Space weather
    Norma Crosby, Nandita Srivastava, Kalevi Mursula | Stream
  • Spacequakes protect us from dangerous particles emitted by the Sun
    Rumi Nakamura, Evgeny Panov, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Karl-Heinz Glassmeier | Stream
  • Early Earth and early biosphere
    John Tarduno | Stream

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