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Early Career Scientists

This section is dedicated to PS early career scientists. You can find links for short courses or information about awards and financial support from EGU. 

If you are interested to become an active early career scientist in planetary and solar system sciences and to join our group, do not hesitate to get in touch with the early career scientists representative of PS Division: Maike Neuland (

Early Career Scientists involved in planetary sciences activities:


Maike Neuland

PS ECS representative

Swedish Institute of Space Physics


Loïc Rossi


Delft University of Technology

EGloesener.jpg Elodie Gloesener


Royal Observatory of Belgium

R-STaubner.jpg Ruth-Sophie Taubner


University of Vienna

CGillmann.jpg Cédric Gillmann


Royal Observatory of Belgium


Baptiste Journaux


University of Washington, Seattle

MMaurice.jpg Maxime Maurice


German Aerospace Center

DFarkas.jpg Diana Boy


Leibniz University of Hanover