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Division on Seismology

Division on Seismology

President: Philippe Jousset (
Deputy President: vacant

About the Seismology Division

The EGU offers an open and widely recognized forum for discussing a wide range of scientific questions and conducting corresponding research. The impact of geosciences to society has probably never been as high as today. Therefore, we pursue broad and open-minded approaches to tackle important research topics, while simultaneously engaging in interdisciplinary collaborations for the benefit of humanity and our planet.

Seismology as a discipline contributes to a large variety of both basic and applied scientific fields, and addresses important topics in the context of both natural resources and natural hazards. The seismology (SM) division at EGU aims to strengthen its inter-disciplinarity and impact by driving the development from static to dynamic geophysical models, by conducting research that spans from acquisition parameters to petrophysical properties, and by supporting the transition from geo-modeling to geo-technical application. Thereby, the SM Division will be increasingly able to make relevant forecasts and provide valuable information to tackle future challenges in securing natural resources and quantifying natural hazards.

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Recent awardees

Malcolm Sambridge

Malcolm Sambridge

  • 2021
  • Beno Gutenberg Medal

The 2021 Beno Gutenberg Medal is awarded to Malcolm Sambridge for his outstanding and creative contributions to the development, implementation, and selfless dissemination of stochastic inverse methods in seismology and the Earth science community at large.

Eva P. S. Eibl

Eva P. S. Eibl

  • 2021
  • Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award

The 2021 Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award is awarded to Eva P. S. Eibl in recognition of her transformative contributions to our ability to understand, model, and monitor volcano-, geyser- and glacier-related processes using conventional and new seismological tools.

Weian Chao

Weian Chao

  • 2020
  • Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists

The 2020 Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists is awarded to Weian Chao in recognition of his major contributions to using existing seismic networks to improve landslide monitoring, allowing authorities to act quickly to mitigate landslide damage.

Latest posts from the SM blog

SENSORChat: The challenges of the Chilean seismologists in the Atacama desert

“SENSOR” – stands for Seismological Experiments, Network Systems, Observations and Recovery In this blog series, curated by Chiara Civiero, we share news about recent or upcoming seismic experiments around the globe! Could you explain what your project is about? As part of the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) from Universidad de Chile, the Geological Resources Exploration, Characterization & Modeling Lab is mainly focused on the identification of critical factors contributing to the genesis and emplacement of large ore deposits. By …

Seismology Job Portal

On this page, we regularly update open positions in Seismology for early career scientists. Do you have a job on offer? Contact us at Please, note that other available research positions are displayed on the EGU Jobs Portal. Special Thanks to Eric Löberich for researching job postings for the ECS. Latest open positions: PhD positions Two PhD positions in multidisciplinary studies of Earth's core: We invite applications for two funded PhD student positions for an NSF funded project spanning …

Earthquake Watch July: Perryville, Alaska

One year ago, we started a series of blog posts synthesising the main results and discussions about the most significant earthquakes recorded recently, previously called “Earthquake of the month” and now known as “Earthquake Watch.” In our first edition, we reported on the 2020 Simeonof earthquake M 7.8 that occurred in Alaska (read here), and today we return to the same region with another interesting earthquake. On July 29th at 06:15 (UTC), a large earthquake M8.2 occurred in the Alaska …

“State of the ECS”: Proudly presenting the new commers!

Maria here! Well, it has been some time but now we have some exciting news! Our little ECS group is not that little anymore. After EGU five, yes I repeat, five new members joined our team! Yay. Without further ado, I give the floor to the newbies, so they can introduce themselves. Hi everyone! This is Angel! (Yes, it’s my real name!) I’m a geophysics PhD student at ETH Zurich studying core seismic phases with AlpArray. I have always enjoyed …

Current issue of the EGU newsletter

In the September issue of The Loupe find out how climate activism grew out of the environmental movements of the 60s and 70s and what it will need to do to evolve in the future with guest blogger Arindam Roy, and discover what it’s like to be an Early Career Scientist studying chemical compounds in our atmosphere with Atmospheric Sciences Division Early Career Scientist representative Mengze Li!

You can also watch the free recording of our special webinar about Air Pollution with Craig Poku, available now on our YouTube channel.

Want to come and work with us at EGU in Munich and have a passion for Open Access publishing? Why not apply for our new Editorial Manager position! Applications will be reviewed from Friday 8 October 2021 so don’t delay, apply today

In addition to the latest Journal Watch and GeoRoundup of September EGU journal highlights, this issue also shares the first rresults of EGU’s new “authors survey”:

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