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ST Solar-Terrestrial Sciences Education & Public Outreach

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Education & Public Outreach

The Solar-Terrestrial (ST) Sciences section embraces all regions of the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere that are under the influence of the physical conditions in the Sun (its interior and atmosphere), the solar wind (SW) and the galactic cosmic rays (GCRs), covering all aspects of solar and heliospheric physics from solar eruptive events such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) to the manifestations recorded in situ by an armada of spacecraft in the near-Earth environment and detectors on the ground (i.e. solar energetic particles – SEPs; Interplanetary CMEs – ICMEs), as well as the physical processes that couples the Sun’s activity to the Earth’s environment responses.

Solar storms are part of this quest for the unfolding, understanding and eventually predicting of the physical and phenomenological state of our natural space environment.  To this end, scientists have been observing, monitoring, analyzing and modeling in both large and small scales the building blocks of these storms, in an attempt to identify the possible impacts on biological and technological systems. This research field, commonly termed as Space Weather, has received a lot of attention in recent years, since it can in some cases affect the technology that our daily lives depend upon.

In order to develop and sustain interest in ST Sciences and with the aim to ensure nurturing of the public, investment must be made in education and public awareness activities. Therefore, in the subpages of this section several efforts (e.g. Websites, Books, Videos) are being presented and categorized based on the audience (e.g. general public, University students, Scientists) to which these are applicable. Evidently, these lists are far from complete but it is a first step. To help contribute to this effort (e.g. add more information, links) please do contact us