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Sky high (Credit: Taro Nakai, distributed via

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EPO SolarStormVR

Solar Storm VR is a virtual reality experience that let you witness the birth of a solar storm at the Sun, its journey in the heliosphere and how it impacts the solar system - including the Earth.

It uses scientific data from current space missions (such as ESA's and NASA's space telescopes) mixed with visual effects for a highly cinematographic result.

This is an Educational and Public Outreach (EPO) project, initiated by Dr Miho Janvier (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, France) and Tom Saville (Treehouse Digital, UK) that aims at: " inspiring, enthusing and educating the general public, from kids to adults, about space science, and in particular solar storms". 

More information on Solar Storm VR (where to download it or view it) can be found in the following links: