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Meeting Support Request

The EGU encourages individual scientists, working groups or committees to submit applications for EGU sponsorship of events.

The following rules and benefits apply:
  • The event must be scientific and have a well-defined topic, commensurate with the stated aims of the EGU meetings programme within which it is to take place.
  • The event must have a scientific/teaching committee of international composition and stature. This committee must cover all aspects of the event topic in expert fashion.
  • The event must have broad, international participation, not favouring delegates from any particular country or nation.
  • The event must have a structure and programme optimised to achieve the stated aims of the EGU meetings programme.
  • The scientific/teaching committee is responsible for the implementation of the scientific programme of the event.
  • The conference must be organised on a cost price basis, participation fees and external sponsorship covering the budget in its entirety, unless the EGU pledges funds or support in kind.
  • The event will be clearly branded as an EGU event in all correspondence and publications.
  • The applicant must be an EGU member.
  • The EGU can choose to offer limited financial support to individual events. Typically, this does not exceed €5K. Often the EGU stipulates the way in which these funds must be spent.
  • The event should not be held during the General Assembly.
  • A post-event report is due to the EGU Topical Events Committee.

Submit a new Support Request

Proposals for EGU events can be submitted only during the official submission periods. All proposals will be considered for approval by the Topical Events Committee. Decisions for or against support are based on scientific merit, timeliness, relevance and feasibility of the proposal, and cannot be disputed by the applicant(s).

Support request submissions are currently closed.

Submission periods are usually from 1. June – 15. August every year. Evaluation results are expected to be published within three months after the submission deadline.

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