European Union of Geosciences


Up to six Honorary Fellows are designated every two years for their merit and their scientific achievements in the field of the Earth and Planetary Sciences. EUG has deleted the term "Foreign" from the title of "Honorary Foreign Fellow" to allow for the inclusion of European scientists for nomination as EUG Honorary Fellows. This makes the awards less restrictive and more comparable with those elsewhere.
1983  Dr. J. Freeman Gilbert ; Prof. Dr. Digby J. McLaren ; Professor A.J. Naldrett ; Professor A.E. Ringwood ; Dr. S. Uyeda ; Prof. Dr. G.J. Wasserburg
1985  Professor D.L. Anderson ; Dr. Chang Chen Fa ; Professor S.J. Gould ; Professor D.H. Green ; Professor V.A. Zharikov
1987  Professor K. Aki ; Professor W. Alvarez ; Professor B.C. Burchfiel ; Professor S. Epstein ; Professor J. Oliver ; Professor J. Tuzo Wilson
1989  Professor A.W. Bally ; Dr. W. Compston ; Dr. F. Horvath ; Dr. R.A. Price ; Professor N.V. Sobolev ; Professor D.L. Turcotte
1991  Professor C.J. Allègre ; Professor W.S. Broecker
1993  Dr. Harmon Craig ; Professor E. Den Tex ; Professor Sir Ronald Oxburgh
1995  Professor H. Wanke ; Dr. P. Ziegler
1997  Professor S. Conway Morris ; Professor I. Kushiro ; Professor J. Thiede
1999  Professor P.L. Olsen ; Professor V.R. Baker ; Professor G.W. Lugmair ; Professor M.D. Zoback
2001  Professor H. Elderfield ; Professor M. Sarnthein ; Professor J. Touret ; Professor J. Watterson
2003  Professor E. Boyle ; Professor U. Christensen ; Professor S. Hart ; Professor C. Jaupart ; Professor J. Kennett ; Professor A. Knoll ; Professor N. Shackleton