Assessing the future of our oceans
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Issue 102, June 2023
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Assessing the future of our oceans

A balancing act between the quest for knowledge and reducing the impact of human activity

This June, as the world observed World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, a common theme came under the spotlight: plastic pollution. As plastic waste flowing into aquatic ecosystems is expected to nearly triple by 2040, nature is said to be in “emergency mode.” Find out why single solution strategies cannot solve the plastic pollution problem and why the world of hydrography calls for more hands on deck.

We also met Freija Mendrik, researcher of microplastics pollution in coral reefs, who advocates for balance between facts and solutions while communicating threats to ocean health. And if you are curious about oceanography yourself, our EGU blog lists useful resources including the European Commission’s platform on marine and maritime research, an oceans podcast, video vault, blog and a book recommendation.

Beyond the oceans, the EGU believes that the EU Nature Restoration Law is a positive step for protecting and enhancing biodiversity, and will enable the EU to take a global leadership role in many aspects of societal and environmental sustainability.

Science Policy

GeoPolicy: Life inside the European Parliament – an assistant’s view

This month’s GeoPolicy blog features an interview with Sebastian Jehle, Accredited Assistant to Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Nobert Lins.

Sebastian outlines life inside the European Parliament, the role he plays, and how he receives and uses information. He also offers advice for scientists looking to engage in policymaking, including where to get started.

Science for Policy newsletter

This month’s #Science4Policy newsletter is full of opportunities for scientists to engage in the policymaking process. From upcoming #SciPol events to making your voice heard on upcoming EU legislations.

You can also follow @EGU_Policy on Twitter to stay up to date on science-for-policy news and opportunities!

Journal Watch

“Our findings demonstrate the Mediterranean Sea’s vulnerability to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events resulting from climate change, the complex mechanisms underlying ocean–atmosphere interaction and the need to monitor threats to the oceans.”

Guinaldo et al, 2023, Ocean Science


June EGU journal highlights


EGU Supports the EU Nature Restoration Law

With up to 81% of European habitats in poor condition, the EGU believes that the EU Nature Restoration Law is a positive step for protecting and enhancing biodiversity. Read more here.

Resource of the month

Ocean plastics and the future of ocean health

In this EGUwebinar Delphine Lobelle, Physical Oceanographer at the University of Utrecht tells us how much plastic enters the ocean, where it ends up, and if we should care about plastic straws.

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EGU Science for Policy Hangout

Virtually mingle with those working at the science-policy interface, and maybe even get involved in upcoming science for policy opportunities! Join us at 14:00 CEST on 3 July 2023. Register here.

EGU Science Communication for Scientists

How can scientists and journalists work together to bring a story to life? As scientists, how do you effectively communicate with a reporter? If you’re curious, drop an email to EGU’s Media Officer by 30 July 2023.

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EGU24 dates now available!

The EGU General Assembly 2024 will take place in a hybrid format from 14–19 April 2024 in the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) and virtually everywhere.

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