Unearthing secrets from a world beneath our feet
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Issue 103, July 2023
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Credit: Renato R. Colucci (from imaggeo.egu.eu)

Unearthing secrets from a world beneath our feet

What do Nikola Tesla, seismic signals and dinosaur eggs have in common?

From two centuries ago to present day – we feature some fascinating geoscience research stories this month! On Nikola Tesla Day (10 July) we tried to discover the man behind the name, the eccentric scientist who remains misunderstood. This month also marked 100 years since the discovery that forever changed our view of dinosaurs, confirming they laid eggs, but what do we know now?

And present day researcher of seismic signals Dinko Sindija reveals that it is not only earthquakes that produce seismic signals but also human activities like explosions and jumping! Find out more in this month’s Geotalk blog.

If you find yourself looking for some real-world experience in science-for-policy, we’re thrilled to announce the EGU’s open call for the 2023 Science-Policy Pairing Scheme that will sponsor two scientists to work alongside different Members of Parliament (MEPs) for up to a week.

And as we begin planning for EGU’s next General Assembly EGU24, Jane Roussak, EGU Events Co-ordinator shares how you can help shape the EGU24 programme!

Science Policy

GeoPolicy: Science Activism vs. Science Advice: Choosing your path to policy impact

As scientists, there are two different approaches you can take to engage in the policymaking process: science advice and science activism.

But how do they differ and which one works best for you? EGU Policy Manager Chloe Hill breaks it down for us in this month’s GeoPolicy blog. Read now and feel free to share it with others too!

Science for Policy newsletter

This month’s #Science4Policy newsletter is packed full with opportunities for scientists to engage in policy! The European Commission has opened the call for its 5-month Blue Book Traineeship programme. And for those interested in having their say in political manifestos, the Good Lobby has published a handy guide ahead of next year’s European Parliament election!

If you would like to inform others about a policy-related initiative or opportunity through the EGU’s Science for Policy Newsletter, please forward the details to the EGU’s Policy Manager, Chloe Hill via policy@egu.eu.

Journal Watch

Credit: Luca Sorriso-Valvo (Source)

“Nuclear winter theory helped to end the nuclear arms race in the 1980s, but more than 10,000 nuclear weapons still exist… Therefore, it is urgent for scientists to study these issues, broadly communicate their results, and work for the elimination of nuclear weapons.”

Robock et al, 2023, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics


July EGU journal highlights


EGU’s Policy Pairing scheme is back!

To foster strong science-policy partnerships, EGU will sponsor two scientists to work with Members of European Parliament (MEP) for up to a week. This year’s pairing will be with MEPs Martin Hojsík and Petros Kokkalis. Apply by 15 September 2023.

Resource of the month

Evidence-based insights on Peatlands Restoration

As the Nature Restoration Law triologue gets underway in the EU Parliament, the EGU BIodiversity Task Force have prepared a document sharing the evidence for including peatlands in the final law. Read the document here and share it with your local representative.

Upcoming Dates

EGU Science for Policy Hangout

Virtually mingle with those working at the science-policy interface and get involved in upcoming science for policy opportunities! Join us at 14:00 CEST on 7 August 2023. Register here.

EGU Science Communication for Scientists

As scientists, how do you effectively communicate with a journalist? If you’re curious, drop an email to EGU’s Media Officer by 31 August 2023.

Stay up-to-date with external science for policy events

EGU’s External Science for Policy Events Calendar lists upcoming policy-related events. Check out the September & October events now!

EGU24 dates now available!

The next EGU General Assembly 2024 will take place from 14–19 April 2024 in the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) and virtually everywhere.

EGU Blogs

Structure-from-Motion for Seismology

Seismology Division blog

Put a Climate lab in school and make it better!

Climate: Past, Present & Future Division blog

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