When nature and technology offer "new" geoscience perspectives
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Issue 108, December 2023
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Credit: Stephan Sprinz (distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu)

When nature and technology offer “new” geoscience perspectives

A once-in-a-lifetime Martian experiment, immersive virtual reality and GeoMaps

With the holiday season around the corner, what’s the best Christmas gift you could ask for as a geoscientist? How about a rare solar event that creates a once-in-a-lifetime Martian experiment? Find out how the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (or MAVEN) team reacted to the disappearance of solar wind on the red planet!

This month, we met researcher of mantle dynamics Megan Holdt who offers insight into Project InnerSpace: a mammoth initiative to provide datasets for a global geothermal prospectivity mapping initiative called GeoMap. Read on for more in this month’s Geotalk!

Following the 2018 EGU Public Engagement Grant awarded to Fabio L. Bonali, a team of geoscientists of GeoVires Lab explain a more inclusive and egalitarian teaching method that sidesteps the constraints of physical boundaries, allowing a new dimension of geoscience engagement.

And lastly, this is your reminder that the Call for Abstracts for EGU24 is open, so make sure to advertise your sessions now if you are a convener! Authors should submit their abstracts before 10 January 13:00 CET. You can stay up-to-date with information on EGU24 by subscribing to receive updates in your inbox at the beginning of each month.

Science Policy

GeoPolicy: Science-Policy Pairing Schemes in Europe – a regularly updated list

Pairing schemes are a great way for researchers to learn more about policymaking processes and how science is used in political decision-making! This month’s GeoPolicy blog highlights various European-based science-policy pairing scheme opportunities to which researchers can apply.

Credit: Stelios Karozis, one of the selected scientists for the EGU's 2024 Science-Policy Pairing Scheme, in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

Science for Policy newsletter

In this month’s Science for Policy newsletter, discover #SciPol sessions at EGU24 to which you can submit an abstract, exciting sessions from the Science for Policy in Europe Conference that are now available to watch on demand, a list of #Science4Policy internship and traineeship opportunities, and so much more!

Journal Watch

“The results of the case study at La Plagne show a substantial influence of the ski resorts snow management operations at the local scale on the seasonality of runoff amounts, especially due to grooming in winter.”

Morin et al, 2023, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences


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EGU Autumn Election 2023 results

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Resource of the month

LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in science: an easy guide to pronouns

How can we make our workplaces more accepting for our transgender and non-binary colleagues and students? Find out more in this free EGUwebinar available on YouTube.

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