The science community embraces change this new year
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Issue 109, January 2024
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The science community embraces change this new year

From diversity in climate research to using art for science education: meet the people behind the change!

A little observation can fuel so much change. Journalist Ayesha Tandon noticed that authors of most academic papers on climate research were men from the global north. Resolved to change this, Ayesha launched the global south climate database which now has over 1000 experts in one year!

Researcher Gino de Gelder tells us how tectonics and sea-level change have and will influence the evolution of coral reefs and mangroves on the Indonesian coastlines. While artist and illustrator Heike Jane Zimmermann sheds light on the many ways that art can change the way we teach science – to children and adults.

EGU Editorial Manager Eduardo Q. Alves debunks three peer review myths following our first Peer Review Training. And EGU Policy Manager Chloe Hill offers a helpful sneak peak into EGU’s Science for Policy 2024 Agenda.

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Science Policy

GeoPolicy: A sneak peak into EGU’s Science for Policy 2024 Agenda

The EGU’s Science for Policy Programme is continually developing and expanding to help meet the needs of EGU members and European policymakers. This month’s blog post kicks off the New Year by outlining a few of the key science for policy activities that you can look forward to and engage with in 2024!

Credit: Science Policy Short Course at EGU23

Science for Policy newsletter

In January’s Science for Policy newsletter, read all about calls for evidence from the European Commission, science-policy pairing schemes across Europe, the Council’s approval of conclusions on the impact of research in policymaking, and your chance to join the European Open Science Forum.

If you have any further questions or comments about the policy opportunities that exist for scientists in Europe, don’t hesitate to get in touch via or on the EGU’s official Science for Policy Twitter Account @EGU_Policy.

Journal Watch

“A comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of Quaternary climate variability still represents a formidable scientific challenge since this is a genuinely multidisciplinary problem… Nevertheless, almost a century after the publication of Milankovitch’s fundamental work, a framework for the generalized Milankovitch theory has emerged.”

Ganopolsky, 2024, Climate of the Past


January EGU journal highlights


EGU statement on the use of AI-based tools in scientific research

Read EGU’s recommendations to ensure appropriate, mindful and ethical use of AI tools to prepare presentations and publications in Earth, planetary and space science.

Resource of the month

Engaging with Geoscience Education

Did you know that the EGU sponsors a number of initiatives that support teachers and scientists with educational roles? Find out more in this free EGUwebinar on YouTube, in memory of Chris King.

Upcoming Dates

Apply for EGU’s Education Fellowship for Early Career Scientists!

Looking to develop a creative initiative that promotes geoscience at the school and/or university level? Read more here and apply by 2 February.

EGU Science for Policy hangout

Come virtually network with those working at the science-policy interface! Register for our next #ScienceForPolicy hangout at 14:00 CET on 5 February.

EGU24: Childcare request opens soon

Are you a parent who plans to attend our upcoming General Assembly? Then take advantage of EGU’s childcare support! Requests open on 8 March.

EGU24 mentoring scheme opens for mentees

If this is your first time attending a large geoscience conference, you can sign up as a mentee to gain valuable tips and improve your networking. Register by 18 March.

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