Climate science and activism. Find out how environmental activism became climate activism, meet the Atmospheric Sciences Division ECS rep Mengze Li and apply to work as EGU's new Editorial Manager!
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Issue 81, September 2021
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Climate activism from the past to the future

Air pollution and climate activism take center stage

This month marks some big anniversaries in the world of environmental activism as Greenpeace turns 50 and the World Wide Fund for Nature turned 60. But in the decades since these organisations formed environmental activism and society’s attitude towards it have changed dramatically. In this month’s EGU blogs guest blogger Arindam Roy shares his experiences of working with people from across the world on climate issues and places the change of the environmental movements of the 60s and 70s into context with climate activism today and how it will need to continue to evolve into the future. “Climate change is a global issue but it requires building local resilience.” he says, “Advocacy for mitigation by cutting emissions is great; but the next generation of climate activism will also need to focus on the adaptation part, especially in climate-vulnerable countries in the Global South.” Read more here.

On the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, Atmospheric Sciences Division Early Career Scientist representative Mengze Li provided his perspective about the role of atmospheric science and the future work of the Atmospheric Sciences Division. Craig Poku from York University, also gave a special EGU webinar on Air Pollution and the impacts that climate change will have on urban air quality. “Around the world there are around 7 million deaths per year from poor air quality, roughly,” says Craig, “but because air pollutants come from so many different sources, its a complicated problem.” Watch the full webinar here.

Science Policy

GeoPolicy blog: Get involved in science-policy this autumn!

If you have started this autumn filled with a desire to get involved in European science policy, then you are in luck as a whole range of events – many of which are online and free – are now being scheduled for the next few months. EGU’s Policy Manager Chloe Hill has picked her top science-policy events to get involved with on the GeoPolicy blog, so don’t delay and choose the right one for you, today!

Credit: EuroScience

September’s Science for Policy Newsletter

Want to know more about how you can influence policy? Don’t miss this month’s Science for Policy Newsletter and learn more about the work of the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors. Read it here.

Journal Watch

“In key regions of tropical precipitations… the precipitation in the IPSL-CM6 climate model is significantly improved without degradation elsewhere. We, thus, provide a path towards improving the precipitation patterns in these regions by more realistically accounting for both the physical (size-based) and optical (absorption) properties of the aerosol.”

Balkanski et al 2021, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics


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Initial results of the EGU author survey now available.

After 6 months of surveying the initial results of the Publication Committee’s first author survey are available. Find out more here.

Resource of the month

Air Pollution webinar

What impact will future climate change have on air pollution and what does it mean for us? Don’t miss this excellent webinar with Craig Poku from the University of York. Watch now!

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EGU Webinar: Meet the Editors

EGU has 19 open access journals and an innovative open peer review system. If you are looking for insight on how to get your science published or need a little support with our unfamiliar systems, join us on 13 October at 16.00CEST. Register here!

The Science-Art of the Rosetta Mission

Space missions like Rosetta have long inspired artists. Join science-artists Kelly Stanford and Ekaterina Smirnova, and Mark McCaughrean from the European Space Agency to learn more on Wednesday 20 October at 16.00CEST. Register here!

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