The age of the mountain glaciers is over? Learn about the future of mountain glaciers with Harry Zekollari, meet an ECS Cryosphere Division blogger, Larissa van der Laan, and submit your abstract to EGU22!
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Issue 84, December 2021
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The life and death of mountain glaciers

What does the future hold for these critically important formations?

Mountain glaciers are not only beautiful and inspiring landscape formations, but critically important water resources and foundations of cultural practices all around the world. This month EGU’s Committee Programmes Co-ordinator Simon Clark spoke with glaciologist Harry Zekollari about the multi-faceted role that glaciers play in our world, from their obvious place as vital water resources, to the interactions they can have with natural hazards, and their critical role in the economies of many regions. You can watch the full webinar here.

We also heard from Cryospheric Sciences Division Early Career Scientist blogger Larissa van der Laan about her work as a glaciologist and science artist, about why it’s important to keep studying the way that glaciers change and adapt as our climate changes. “When we can say with confidence how glaciers formerly responded to certain shifts in climate, this knowledge can be applied to the prediction of glacier states under future climate scenarios,” she explained. “The situations we might have to prepare for, we haven’t yet seen in our lifetime, but we can imagine and predict them from the past.”

Finally, as it’s the festive winter season here in Europe, you might be looking for gifts for that special geoscientist in your life, so don’t forget to pop in on EGU’s Top 5 gifts for geoscientists (2021 edition)! and find that perfect geo themed present, as recommended by the staff in the EGU Office!

We wish you all a wonderful end to 2021, however you are celebrating, and look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Science Policy

GeoPolicy blog: The European Science-Media Hub, bringing scientists, journalists and policymakers together.

The European Science-Media Hub works with scientists, journalists and policymakers to better communicate sound science, but how much about them do you know? On this month’s GeoPolicy blog EGU Policy Manager Chloe Hill speak with Theo Karapiperis and Svetla Tanova about science policy communication and the ‘infodemic’.

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2021 may be drawing to a close, but if you are still looking for your next science for policy activity there is still time for you or your institution to influence European science policy! In this month’s Science for Policy Newsletter find out about the EU’s Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity and current open calls.

Journal Watch

“Glacier detachments combine elements of surging, in which the glacier adjusts its geometry to satisfy the force balance, with those of ice break-offs from steeper glaciers, in which the glacier is not able to adjust in a steady way.”

Kääb et al 2021, The Cryosphere


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