Physics and chemistry for a better tomorrow. Discover how a tsunami's magnetic field can predict the height of a wave, meet GMPV blogger Alessandro Musu, and register for EGU22!
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Issue 85, January 2022
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Geoscience for the benefit of humanity and the planet

Credit: Jorge Magalhaes and Jose da Silva (from

Physics and chemistry for a better tomorrow

Geomagnetics and geochemistry help improve disaster prediction models

We are often surprised by the way that the applications of physics and chemistry in geoscience can be used to better understand our planet. This month we learned about the ways that geomagnetics are being used to better protect lives and livelihoods around the world when EGU’s Media and Communications Officer Gillian D’Souza wrote about new research using the magnetic field of a tsumani to help predict the arrival height of the wave, the first study to practically demonstrate this was actually possible.

This month, we also heard from magma researcher and science communicator Alessandro Musu, whose research using mineral zoning focuses on the link between deep magmatic processes and eruptive behaviours. “A better understanding of deep magmatic processes can lead scientists to the realization of better eruption models, risk maps, and a greater understanding of the various signals that a volcano can give us before and during the eruptive activity,” he explains in conversation with EGU Committee Programmes Co-ordinator Simon Clark.

Lastly, from 1 February you can register for the EGU22 General Assembly taking place in-person (Vienna, Austria) and online. In-person registration closes on the 14 April 13.00 CET, and online registration stays open till 27 May 2022. Early bird rates are available for both types of registration until 31 March 13.00 CET. For more information, click here

Science Policy

GeoPolicy blog: What’s new in 2022?

A new Biodiversity Task Force, science for policy sessions at EGU22, call for new members for the Science for Policy Working Group, and more. On this month’s GeoPolicy blog EGU Policy Manager Chloe Hill outlines some of the key science for policy activities that you can look forward to in the next 12 months.

January’s Science for Policy Newsletter

This month’s Science for Policy Newsletter jumps straight into 2022 by outlining both EGU’s and the EU’s policy priorities for the new year. Find out about the Joint Declaration on EU legislative priorities for 2022, the Fit for Future Platform and other upcoming science for policy activities.

Journal Watch

Credit: Kurt Stuewe (Source)

“A prime outcome of this study is that the European and Adriatic Plates involved in Alpine collision have first-order differences in seismic structure: the down-going European lithosphere is thick (ca. 180 km) and marked by laterally continuous positive and negative P-wave anomalies… In contrast, the Adriatic Plate is thinner (100–120 km) and has a poorly defined base at the lower boundary of +Vp anomalies.”

Handy et al 2021, Solid Earth


January EGU journal highlights


EGU22 now planned for 23-27 May 2022

The date and format of EGU22 have changed, check here or visit the conference website, for details.

Resource of the month

‘Meet The Editors’ Webinar

Publishing papers can be a daunting experience. Our editors at EGU and Copernicus journals share tips about the publishing process – from submission to acceptance, available free on our YouTube channel. Watch now!

Upcoming Dates

EGUwebinar: Mentoring 101

Want to learn more about mentoring at EGU22, how it works and what to expect? Join our EGUwebinar on mentoring during the General Assembly at 16.00 CET, 9 February 2022 for guidance and suggestions. Register now!

Geosciences Information for Teachers virtual workshop (vGIFT)

This year’s GIFT workshop will run virtually for the second time between 4 and 8 April 2022. Registrations close 15 February, sign up here now!

EGU22 Mentoring programme

Make the most of EGU22 – whether you’re a previous attendee or new to the General Assembly. Sign up to the EGU mentoring scheme now! Closing dates for mentees: 25 March 2022, and for mentors: 11 April 2022.

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