Can space science be for everyone?
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Issue 97, January 2023
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Space science for everyone?

Creative ways to involve non-technical audiences in space studies

How can topics of space weather, such as the Sun, Earth’s atmosphere, or Moon exploration be shared with blind and visually impaired children? An EGU funded outreach project called A Touch of Space Weather has helped create audio booklets that are taught as secondary school lessons for students aged 11-16.

Space plasma physicist Martin Archer shares how researchers can engage more people with space sciences. “The problem with most phenomena related to space weather is you simply can’t see them,” he explains. “So how can I hook people into what I do without relying on the science itself?” Also EGU Head of Communications Hazel Gibson tells us what we could expect from the European Space Agency’s new JUICE mission. Find out more on EGU blogs now!

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Science Policy

GeoPolicy: What’s coming up for 2023?

EGU Policy Manager Chloe Hill kicks off the New Year by outlining a few key science for policy activities to look forward to in the next 12 months. Find out how you can build on EGU’s current initiatives and get involved in European policy!

Science for Policy Hangouts now every month!

EGU’s Science for Policy Hangouts provide EGU members with an informal space to meet and chat science for policy. In 2023, EGU will be hosting these Hangouts on the first Monday of every month at 16:00 CET. You can register for the next Hangout on Monday 6 February here.

And as always, don’t miss this month’s Science for Policy Newsletter which includes new opportunities to engage through EGU’s Policy Programme, changes to the JRC’s 2030 Strategy, traineeship openings, and European Commission Consultations and Calls for Evidence that you can answer today!

Journal Watch

“In the two reference algorithms, terrain is represented by quadrilaterals with a uniform elevation within individual cells, which results in a staircase-shaped surface. These structures translate to the computed horizon lines. In the new algorithm, terrain information is rendered by a triangle mesh, which represents a smooth continuous surface. Computed horizon lines subsequently have more natural gradients and do not suffer from staircase-shaped artefacts induced by terrain representation.”

Steger et al, 2022 Geoscientific Model Development


January EGU journal highlights


Artists in Residence for EGU23 selected

EGU congratulates Maria Gabriela Tejada Toapanta and Heike Jane Zimmerman for being selected as Artists in Residence at EGU23!

Resource of the month

The Science-Art of the Rosetta Mission

Throwback to last year’s EGU webinar when Kelly Stanford, science-artist and ‘Artist (not) in Residence’ (2021 and 2022) hosted a discussion on the intersection of art and science by taking a closer look at the Rosetta mission.

Upcoming Dates

Call to develop online sci-comm workshop

EGU’s Outreach Committee is soliciting the development and delivery of at least two online workshop series’ in science communication within the geosciences. Apply here by 6 February 2023.

Apply to EGU Education Fellowship for 2023

Open only to Early Career Scientists. Involves financial compensation of 2500€. Find out more here and apply by 10 February 2023.

EGU23 Mentoring Programme

First timers and regular attendees of EGU’s General Assembly can benefit from our mentoring programme and grow their network. Mentees apply by 25 March and mentors by 7 April!

EGU Photo Competition 2023 now open!

Register for EGU23 and take part in our annual photo competition. Submit your photos taken at any time to win free registration to next year’s General Assembly! Last day to submit photos is 31 March 2023.

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The spinning life of early-career researchers – twirling until out of sync?

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