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Division on Climate: Past, Present & Future (CL)

President: Thomas Blunier,
Deputy President: Natalie Kehrwald,

The Division on Climate: Past, Present & Future is one of the larger divisions of the European Geosciences Union. It pools from many disciplines and consequently has many co-organized and co-listed sessions with other divisions at the general assembly. The division is very interdisciplinary and covers climate variations on all time scales. CL includes the study of any kind of climate archive from rocks to ocean cores, speleothems, ice cores, chronicles, to instrumental records to name a few. Besides observations, climate modeling on all time scales from the deep past to the future are areas covered by the division. Any aspect of the climate system falls into the realm of the division e.g. atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, cryosphere, and geology. Themes focus on the climate on Earth but may also expand other planets or the sun.

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Passing of George Kukla 1930-2014

DSC00658.JPG It is with sadness that the EGU Climate Division informs its members of the passing of George Kukla. Kukla, a world-renowned geologist and palaeoclimatologist, was awarded the 2003 EGU Milutin Milankovic Medal for pioneering studies of terrestrial records and for linking past climate changes with Milankovich’s astronomical theory of climate. Members wishing to express their respects are encouraged to leave a message on a dedicated website set up by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

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Edouard Bard awarded 2013 Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership

Edouard Bard The 2013 Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership is awarded to Edouard Bard for pioneering and innovative work in palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology. He has used accelerator mass spectrometry to correct fundamental dates in climate history, detect past sea level changes, and investigate climate and solar variability.

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Miryam Bar-Matthews awarded 2013 Hans Oeschger Medal

Miryam Bar-Matthews The 2013 Hans Oeschger Medal is awarded to Miryam Bar-Matthews in recognition of her pioneering contribution and leadership in the field of terrestrial palaeoclimate change using high resolution cave speleothem records, and for her outstanding contribution to our understanding of the climatic and environmental context of human history and pre-history.

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Didier Paillard awarded 2013 Milutin Milankovic Medal

Didier Paillard The 2013 Milutin Milankovic Medal is awarded to Didier Paillard to understanding the nonlinear nature of Earth system dynamics and, in particular, for his pioneering ideas on the response of Quaternary climate system dynamics and carbon cycle to Milankovic forcing.

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2013 Vetlesen Prize given to Susan Solomon and Jean Jouzel

"An American atmospheric chemist who led efforts to identify the cause of the Antarctic ozone hole and a French geochemist who extracted the longest-yet climate record from polar ice cores have won the prestigious 2012 Vetlesen Prize. Susan Solomon and Jean Jouzel will share the $250,000 award, considered to be the earth sciences’ equivalent of a Nobel."

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Anny Cazenave awarded 2012 William Bowie Medal

Anny Cazenave was awarded the 2012 William Bowie Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 5 December 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. The medal is for “outstanding contributions to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish cooperation in research.”

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Michael Ghil awarded 2012 Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership

Michael Ghil The 2012 Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership is awarded to Michael Ghil for his leading contributions to theoretical climate dynamics; his innovative observational studies involving model assimilation of satellite data in meteorology, oceanography and space physics; the breadth of his interdisciplinary studies, including macroeconomics; and also for his extensive supervision and mentoring of scores of graduate and postdoctoral students.

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Current issue of the EGU newsletter

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This month saw the publication of the EGU 2017 General Assembly programme, which includes about 1000 sessions and over 17,500 abstracts. The conference is less than a month away, and promises to be the largest and most exciting to date. To attend, don’t forget to register online, or on-site during the week of the meeting (23–28 April).

In other news, this month the EGU has announced that it is supporting March for Science. This global movement will culminate with a march on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, in Washington DC, as well as in many cities around the world, including Vienna. EGU President Hans Thybo said: “While the March for Science idea started in the US, its mission and objectives are global and nonpartisan. A movement that champions science, supports freedom to conduct responsible scientific research, and calls for more evidence-based policy, is one that aligns with EGU’s own objectives.”

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