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Division on Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology (GMPV)

President: Mike Burton,
Deputy President: Andrea di Muro,

The Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology-Volcanology division includes disciplines that are fundamental to, but not restricted to studies of the solid earth. Important themes include the nature, composition, structure of the Earth’s mantle; the composition, origin and evolution of the oceanic and continental crust; the formation and crystallization of magmas; the chemical compositions of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks; element transfer between the surface envelopes of the earth; volcanoes and volcanism. While most of these studies fall in the realm of fundamental research, studies of pollution in the surface or subsurface waters, the formation of ore deposits, and the environmental impact of volcanism are examples of more applied research.


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The GMPV division collaborates with the VGP division of the American Geophysical Union, and with professional societies like the European Association of Geochemistry and the European Mineralogical Union.

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pallasite Join us for the EGU General Assembly 2016 in Vienna on the April 17-22, you can find the programme here, with the following topics:

  • GMPV1 – General Topics
  • GMPV2 – Geochemical cycles in the solid earth and solar system
  • GMPV3 – Core and mantle processes
  • GMPV4 – Melts, fluids and minerals
  • GMPV5 – Magmatic and volcanic processes
  • GMPV6 – Volcano monitoring and recent eruptions
  • GMPV7 – Natural Hazards Produced by Volcanic Activity
  • GMPV8 – Co-organized sessions

2016 GMPV Awards


Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal

The 2016 Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal is awarded to Tetsuo Irifune for outstanding contributions in experimental high-pressure mineral physics and petrology, as well as pioneering developments in high-pressure technology.

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Outstanding Young Scientist Award

Outstanding Young Scientist Award

The 2016 Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award is awarded to Jackie E. Kendrick for an outstanding early career contribution to seismogenic processes and frictional melting in shallow magmatic conduits.

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Current issue of the EGU newsletter

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Last week (23–28 April), the EGU had the pleasure to host 14,500 participants at the EGU 2017 General Assembly in Vienna. This was a record-breaking meeting, with close to 17,500 oral, poster and PICO presentations, and over 1000 sessions and side events. For making the meeting a success, the EGU would like to thank all participants, as well as everyone involved in the organisation of the meeting: conveners, members of the EGU Programme Committee, Copernicus Meetings, conference assistants, and ACV and EGU office staff. A heartfelt thank-you goes to Gerrit de Rooij, the EGU Programme Committee Chair for the past three years, for his brilliant stewardship of the conference. Susanne Buiter, to whom we send a warm welcome, has now replaced Gerrit de Rooij as the chair of the Programme Committee.

As a participant, we especially welcome your suggestions and feedback, which will be instrumental to ensuring an even more successful General Assembly in 2018 (8–13 April, Vienna).

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