Science for policy activities, initiatives, and sessions that you can engage with at #EGU23!

Dear EGU Expert,

This month’s EGU Science for Policy Newsletter highlights the exciting science for policy activities, initiatives, and sessions that you can engage with at #EGU23! Not only are there numerous policy related sessions, but EGU23 participants can also ask a science for policy expert, and discuss upcoming #SciPol opportunities at the EGU’s Science for Policy Help Desk hosted daily from 12:00 – 13:00 CEST at the EGU Booth.

If you have any further questions or comments about EGU23 or the policy opportunities that exist for scientists in Europe, don’t hesitate to get in touch via, on Twitter via @Chl0e_Hill, or in person at the General Assembly.

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you soon,
Chloe Hill, EGU Policy Manager

Your guide to science for policy at #EGU23

This month’s GeoPolicy blog post highlights some of EGU23’s exciting science for policy sessions that will be available to both on-site and virtual participants. These sessions will outline how scientists can more effectively contribute to policymaking processes, connect with decision-makers, and have a policy impact. While most scientists attend the EGU General Assembly to share and discuss scientific topics related to their research, the meeting is also a great opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and explore different, but perhaps related, scientific disciplines and soft skills. Even if you’re just a bit curious about policy and how scientists can engage with it, it’s worth adding a few policy related sessions to your personal programme!

See the extensive list of policy related EGU23 Union Symposia, Great Debates, Short Courses, and Splinter Meetings here.

Meet the Science for Policy Experts

The EGU is giving on-site and virtual EGU23 participants the opportunity to meet those working on the science-policy interface to have their specific science for policy questions answered. While the policy related sessions at EGU23 will cover many different topics and themes about how you can effectively engage in policy, you may also benefit from some tailored advice or targeted information that will help you engage in a particular circumstance. The EGU’s Ask a Science for Policy Expert initiative will enable you to meet relevant expert and have your specific questions answered!

Sign up for this initiative here by midnight CEST on April 14 to be matched with an expert during EGU23.

EGU23 Science for Policy Help Desk

If you’re hoping to engage with science for policy experts more spontaneously and informally, then look no further than the EGU23 Science for Policy Help Desk! This Help Desk will be open every day at the EGU Booth from 12:00 – 13:00 CEST throughout the General Assembly. Staffed by various members of the EGU’s Science for Policy Working Group and others working on the science-policy interface, it’s a great opportunity to have informal discussions about specific policy related issues or some of the opportunities that exist for scientists to engage with policymakers.

Meet the EGU Office!

The General Assembly is also a great time to meet and get to know some of the people who work behind the scenes! On Thursday 27 April from 12:45-13:30 CEST, you can meet the fabulous EGU staff members at the EGU Booth! Regardless of whether you’re curious about EGU’s policy programme, communications strategy, outreach activities, events coordination, media engagement, or various current and upcoming projects, you’ll find answers to all your EGU-related questions.

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