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Ask a science for policy expert

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Ask a science for policy expert

Almost every policy decision, regardless of the topic or government level, has a scientific component to it. While policies are not made by science, good scientific information can help policymakers more accurately assess the benefits and potential consequences of different policy pathways. However, despite the opportunities and obvious benefits of scientific engagement within policy processes, it is often difficult for scientists to know how to get started, where to look, or who to engage with.

This year, EGU will be offering members the opportunity to have their questions answered by individuals who are working on the interface of science and policy through small group meetings throughout the period of the General Assembly (24-28 April 2023). Meetings will be available both online and in person at the General Assembly in Vienna. To meet one of the experts, please submit your question(s) or topic that you would like to talk about by 12 April 2022 and you will be paired with an expert who is able to discuss them. You can find the list of policy experts who will be participating in the “Ask a science for policy expert” initiative “here”: XXX

Please keep in mind that these questions should be relatively general – and more about the policy process or opportunities that exist– than your specific area of scientific expertise. Examples of topics that could serve as a basis for discussion are:

Please note that appointments are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. They will also only be available to those who are registered for #EGU23. If you have any questions about this networking opportunity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

Ask a science for policy expert