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Two important EGU calls opened this month. The first is the EGU 2018 General Assembly call for sessions, which opened on July 10. Do you have a brilliant idea for a scientific session or a short course? Please submit it by September 8. Also of highlight is the call for candidates for the EGU autumn elections. You can propose candidates, including nominating yourself, to serve as the next EGU Union President, General Secretary and Division Presidents by 15 September. Another important deadline, coming up this month, is the deadline for applications for financial support to organise training schools on 15 August.

Also this month, the EGU issued a position statement in support of the teaching of evolution in schools around the world. EGU President Jonathan Bamber says: “Evolution is a well-established, evidence-based scientific concept rooted in clear and logical facts, supported by a wealth of evidence on geological time.”


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General Assembly

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Journal Watch

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Exploring gravity wave characteristics in 3-D using a novel S-transform technique: AIRS/Aqua measurements over the Southern Andes and Drake Passage

Detectability of Arctic methane sources at six sites performing continuous atmospheric measurements

Opposite long-term trends in aerosols between low and high altitudes: a testimony to the aerosol–PBL feedback

Biogeosciences (BG)


Reviews and syntheses: Systematic Earth observations for use in terrestrial carbon cycle data assimilation systems

On the long-range offshore transport of organic carbon from the Canary Upwelling System to the open North Atlantic

Climate of the Past (CP)

Climate of the Past

Periodic input of dust over the Eastern Carpathians during the Holocene linked with Saharan desertification and human impact

Earth Surface Dynamics (ESurf)

Earth Surface Dynamics

Efficient retention of mud drives land building on the Mississippi Delta plain

Geomorphometric delineation of floodplains and terraces from objectively defined topographic thresholds

Earth System Dynamics (ESD)

Earth System Dynamics

Young people’s burden: requirement of negative CO2 emissions

River logjams cause frequent large-scale forest die-off events in southwestern Amazonia 

Non-linear intensification of Sahel rainfall as a possible dynamic response to future warming

The importance of terrestrial weathering changes in multimillennial recovery of the global carbon cycle: a two-dimensional perspective

Geoscientific Model Development (GMD)

Geoscientific Model Development

Special highlight paper (includes extended summary and video): WCRP’s Coupled Model Intercomparison Project: a remarkable contribution to climate science

The CarbonTracker Data Assimilation Shell (CTDAS) v1.0: implementation and global carbon balance 2001–2015

Update of the Polar SWIFT model for polar stratospheric ozone loss (Polar SWIFT version 2)

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS)

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Every apple has a voice: using stable isotopes to teach about food sourcing and the water cycle

Analysis of single-Alter-shielded and unshielded measurements of mixed and solid precipitation from WMO-SPICE

HESS Opinions: A planetary boundary on freshwater use is misleading

Ocean Science (OS)

Ocean Science

The double high tide at Port Ellen: Doodson’s criterion revisited

The Cryosphere (TC)

The Cryosphere

A weekly Arctic sea-ice thickness data record from merged CryoSat-2 and SMOS satellite data

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