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Cross-bedded eolian sandstone in Utah (Vermillion cliffs wilderness), by Neta Wechsler. Find geoscience images (and upload yours!) at


With Sharing Geoscience Online, EGU’s first completely virtual meeting, about to begin on Monday 4 May, it’s now time to select what you’d like your experience to be!

… As you enter the text into the browser window, you are thrust, sci-fi style, through a glowing tunnel of light … You enter a url, then click … Straight away, a comment pops up – someone likes your work! They want to collaborate on an idea sparked by your uploaded presentation materials … and it sounds like there is funding! …

What comes next?

You never know where Sharing Geoscience Online might take you; it’s the beginning of an exciting experiment for us all. The largest-ever virtual geoscience meeting is an extensive pilot project, and with more than 700 live text-chat sessions scheduled during the course of the week – and just six weeks to set everything up – it’s possible that something could go wrong. If so, we ask for your patience as we work together to test this model that contributes to minimising the carbon footprint of a major geoscience meeting.

Throughout the week of #shareEGU20 and beyond, EGU is providing a variety of ways for you to interact about your research with the global Earth, planetary and space science community. Whichever method you choose, we hope you’ll reach out to others and discuss your ideas.

It's up to you to decide when and what to explore!

So what comes next?

Regardless of how you decide to engage, we hope you enjoy the meeting!


Sharing Geoscience Online
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Sharing Geoscience Online

All the #shareEGU20 resources you'll need, right at your fingertips: More EGU2020 information is available on the meeting website.
Sharing Geoscience Online

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Oxygen and sulfur mass-independent isotopic signatures in black crusts: thecomplementary negative Δ33S reservoir of sulfate aerosols?

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT)

Real-time pollen monitoring using digital holography

Biogeosciences (BG)

Authigenic formation of Ca–Mg carbonates in the shallow alkaline LakeNeusiedl, Austria

Climate of the Past (CP)

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Statistical estimation of global surface temperature response to forcing under the assumption of temporal scaling

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