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Division on Soil System Sciences (SSS)

President: Saskia Keesstra,
Deputy President: Antonio Jordán,


Soil is the interface between the crust and atmosphere, and is the basis of life on earth.  The impact of Soil Science to the society has probably never been as high as it is currently. The importance of soils in the Earth System must make us, the soil scientists, more noticeable at the EGU.

The aim of the SSS is to coordinate the EGU scientific programme on Soil Science and related activities. The SSS contributes actively with EGU by promoting scientific interchange and dissemination of activity carried out by members.

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2014 Division Awards & Medals

2014 Division Awards & Medals
Philippe Duchaufour Medal

The 2014 Philippe Duchaufour Medal is awarded to Johan Six for his fundamental contributions to soil science through studies of biogeochemical cycling, aggregatGe and soil organic matter dynamics.
Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award

The 2014 Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award is awarded to Markus Steffens for important contributions to soil science, particularly the estimation of horizontal and vertical heterogeneity in soils.

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Soils at Imaggeo: shoot your soil!

Soil scientists are strongly encouraged to submit photos to Imaggeo, the open-access image repository of EGU.

SOIL launched at 2014 European Geosciences Union Meeting

The European Geosciences Union launched a new journal, SOIL, during their annual meeting in Vienna. SOIL is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality research in the soil system sciences. The journal especially values papers that go beyond disciplinary boundaries and/or highlight the interactions and feedbacks between the soil system and other Earth system components. SOIL is open access, uses an open and transparent review process and publication fees will be waived for the first two years. Additional information can be found and articles can be submitted at the journal's website.

SOIL flyerSOIL flyer SOIL flyer          SOIL inlaySOIL inlay SOIL inlay

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We’ve just opened the call for candidates for the next EGU President/Vice-President and General Secretary. Until 15 September, you are invited to propose a candidate for either vacancy. You are welcome and encouraged to nominate yourself. Also open, until 18 September, is the call for sessions for the EGU 2016 General Assembly. And you still have one more day to submit your request for financial support to organise a geoscience meeting! Follow the links below for more information.

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