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Division on Soil System Sciences (SSS)

President: Saskia Keesstra,
Deputy President: Antonio Jordán,

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Soil is the interface between the crust and atmosphere, and is the basis of life on earth.  The impact of Soil Science to the society has probably never been as high as it is currently. The importance of soils in the Earth System must make us, the soil scientists, more noticeable at the EGU.

The aim of the SSS is to coordinate the EGU scientific programme on Soil Science and related activities. The SSS contributes actively with EGU by promoting scientific interchange and dissemination of activity carried out by members.


Living in the Soil

The comic living in the soil has been edited by the Regional Galician Council of Culture (Galicia, Spain) and the Galician section of the Spanish Society of Soil Science and coordinated by Dr. Montserrat Diaz Raviña (IIAG-CSIC). It has been published with the aim of making young people aware of soil and the need to protect it. On the occasion of the International Year of Soils (2015), the original Galician version has been adapted and re-edited in Spanish, English and Catalan.

living_in_the_soil - cover.JPGLiving in the soil     vivir_en_el_suelo - cover.JPGVivir en el suelo

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2015 SSS Awards

2015 Philippe Duchaufour Medal

Ingrid Kögel-Knabner

2015 Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award

Paulo Pereira

2014 SSS Outstanding Student Poster (OSP) Awards

Roman Hüppi

Poster (PDF)

Dácil Unzué Belmonte

Poster (PDF)

Pauline Fanguin

Poster (PDF)

Christine Brings

Poster (PDF)



Soils at Imaggeo: shoot your soil!

Amazing soil pictures? Are you a photoartist? Share your work at Imaggeo, the open-access image repository of EGU.

Lorena M. Zavala (Univ. of Sevilla) holds a soil
aggregate composed of organic matter from a
peatland from the Wicklow Mountains (Ireland)

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Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

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Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics

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With the EGU General Assembly just a couple of weeks away, this month we offer tips and tricks on getting to Vienna and navigating the city, and on presenting your work at #EGU16. We have also put together a list of short courses, especially with early career scientists (ECS) in mind, as well as policy-relevant sessions. If this is your first time at the EGU General Assembly, you may want to attend a short course on Monday 18 April on how to navigate the conference, and check our first-timers’ guide. To play an active role in celebrating the theme of the meeting, don’t forget to contribute your own My Active Planet photo, which will be displayed on a large world map in the entrance hall. Once in Vienna, don't miss the dedicated theme lectures, nor the EGU plenary, the main meeting for bringing forward new ideas to the EGU. Keep checking the EGU blogs for more General Assembly highlights over the next few weeks.

In other news, this month the EGU became a signatory of Open Access 2020, an international initiative to promote the transition of today’s scholarly journals from subscription to open access publishing. The move reinforces EGU’s support for free and open access to knowledge.

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