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Flags outside the ACV during the EGU 2017 General Assembly

EGU Public Lecture, an event for the Viennese public

  • EGU news
  • 20 March 2018

This year, for the first time, the EGU is organising an event for the wider public in Vienna during the EGU General Assembly. The EGU Public Lecture provides insight into a topic in the Earth, planetary and space sciences of interest to a broad audience, aiming to bridge the gap between the scientists at the Austria Center Vienna and the local Viennese community.

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Apply to be an EGU division early career scientist representative

  • EGU news
  • 1 February 2018

Early career scientists (ECS) make up a significant proportion of the EGU membership and it’s important to us that your voices get heard. To make sure that happens, each division appoints an ECS representative: the vital link between the Union and the ECS membership. This year a number of divisions are looking for new representatives. Follow the link to find out more, including how to get involved.

Julia Rosen and Vivien Cumming, winners of the EGU 2018 Science Journalism Fellowship

Julia Rosen and Vivien Cumming awarded EGU Science Journalism Fellowship

  • Press release
  • 16 January 2018

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) has named journalists Julia Rosen and Vivien Cumming as the winners of its 2018 Science Journalism Fellowship. The support will allow Rosen to travel to the UK to write about the role of soil in the phosphorus crisis, while Cumming will follow scientists in Myanmar to tell the story of carbon in rivers.

Highlight articles

The Cryosphere

On the retrieval of sea ice thickness and snow depth using concurrent laser altimetry and L-band remote sensing data

This work proposes a new data synergy method for the retrieval of sea ice thickness and snow depth by using colocating L-band passive remote sensing and active laser altimetry. Physical models are adopted for the retrieval, including L-band radiation model and buoyancy relationship. Covariability of snow depth and total freeboard is further utilized to mitigate resolution differences and improve retrievability. The method can be applied to future campaigns including ICESat-2 and WCOM.

Earth Surface Dynamics

Colluvial deposits as a possible weathering reservoir in uplifting mountains

The role of mountain uplift and associated silicate weathering in the global climate over geological times is controversial. Previous soil column models suggest that weathering falls at a high denudation rate. We present the results of a 3-D model that couples erosion and weathering, a CO2consumer during mountain uplift. Our model suggests that the weathering of temporarily stocked colluvium may contribute significantly to the mountain weathering outflux at high denudation rates.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Active heat pulse sensing of 3-D-flow fields in streambeds

This study used a portable 56-sensor, 3-D temperature array with three heat pulse sources to measure the flow direction and magnitude below the water–sediment interface. Breakthrough curves from each of the sensors were analyzed using a heat transport equation. The use of short-duration heat pulses provided a rapid, accurate assessment technique for determining dynamic and multi-directional flow patterns in the hyporheic zone and is a basis for improved understanding of biogeochemical processes.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Decoupling of dissolved organic matter patterns between stream and riparian groundwater in a headwater forested catchment

Streams are important sources of carbon to the atmosphere, though knowing whether they merely outgas terrestrially derived carbon dioxide or mineralize terrestrial inputs of dissolved organic matter (DOM) is still a big challenge in ecology. Our study highlights that stream DOM is not merely a reflection of riparian groundwater entering the stream and that headwater streams have the capacity to internally produce, transform, and consume DOM.

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Speleology and local development

Speleology and local development

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Union-wide events at EGU 2018

Union-wide events at EGU 2018

Wondering what to expect at the General Assembly this year? Here are some of the highlights: Union Symposia (US) For events which will have general appeal, regardless of your field of research, look no further than the Union Symposia. The very first session, organized in collaboration with the European and American space agencies (ESA and NASA) will highlight observation missions focused on Earth and other planetary bodies, as well as discuss the challenges of organising future missions in an international …