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Join the EGU’s new Biodiversity Task Force!

17 November 2021

In October 2021, Biodiversity was selected by the EGU Science for Policy Working Group and approved by the EGU Council as the 2022-2024 Policy Priority Area due to its relevance to many EGU divisions, current and future policy relevance, and the need for information and continued scientific support in the creation of new European legislation and establishment of new European and national initiatives. Today, EGU is launching a call for experts to join the EGU’s Biodiversity Task Force that will support these activities and allow EGU to contribute to the EU’s upcoming biodiversity policies and activities!

Biodiversity is an essential component of many aspects of life on Earth, including human society, and even the world’s GDP. It is not only vital for natural areas such as forests and wetlands but also crucial for maintaining healthy freshwater ecosystems, soil systems, and oceans. In 2020, the European Union launched the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 as part of the European Green Deal. The Biodiversity Strategy has some extremely ambitious targets that will set up new in require new legislation in a multitude of different areas that are related to the geosciences. It’s also likely to result in new initiatives and European programmes. Last week’s GeoPolicy Blog, The place of Biodiversity in EU Policy, outlines these in more details along with some of the areas in which geoscientists can contribute.

As Europe’s largest geoscience society, the EGU is uniquely positioned to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from research into practice and to connect policymakers to the most relevant geoscience experts. Establishing biodiversity as the EGU’s 2022-2024 Policy Priority Area will allow the EGU and its members to contribute to specific policies relating to the EU Biodiversity Strategy and support its ambitious targets. Today, the EGU is launching a call for experts to join the EGU’s Biodiversity Task Force that will support these activities and allow EGU to contribute to the EU’s upcoming biodiversity policies and activities!

Starting in 2022, this Task Force of 8-10 experts will oversee EGU’s biodiversity related activities and contribute to specific EU policy activities. It is hoped that this Task Force will not only support EGU activities but also provide individuals within the group with the opportunity to gain experience working at the science-policy interface, gain new insights, and expand their network. While the activities undertaken by the EGU’s Biodiversity Task Force will be driven by its members, these activities may include:

Biodiversity is a broad theme and decisions will need to be made by the Task Force about the areas that will be focused on. These decisions should consider upcoming policies and legislation, the needs of policymakers, and the expertise of individual members within the group. You can read more about the specific areas in which the geosciences are able to support Biodiversity in the EGU’s 2020 publication How geoscience can support the European Green Deal. Once formed the group will be required to submit a short outline of the Task Force’s key goals and activities to the EGU’s Science for Policy Working Group for comment. The EGU’s Policy Manager and Science for Policy Working Group will also provide the Task Force support, direction, and help to coordinate group’s initial meetings.

Application details
All members of the Task Force should be willing to commit at least 4 hours per month to meetings and other activities. The Task Force will be made up of members representing a diverse range of scientific backgrounds and career stages. While at least 60% of Task Force applicants should be EGU members, the EGU will also be accepting applications from external experts. Previous experience with policy and/or outreach is preferred but is not essential.

To apply, please submit your CV (max 2 pages) that outlines your relevant experience in the area of biodiversity and a cover letter here by 17 December 2021. Your cover letter should outline your motivation for joining the Task Force and identify at least one example of a specific biodiversity-related area or activity that you would like Task Force to focus on. Please note that only complete applications in English can be accepted.

If you have any further questions about biodiversity, the EGU’s Policy Priority Area or about joining the Biodiversity Task Force, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via